Selekta Stjärna | July 2011 Feature

Selekta Stjärna is back with her second Technobass.net feature, for the first time incorporating Traktor timecode records, along with some of the freshest wax released recently.

GROW ( Live set ) | June 2011 Feature

GROW has been devastating dancefloors and sound systems across the globe, since his 2007 release of "Electronic Milk", on his own imprint, CHP Recordings. Recently, his digital album "Calculating Immortality" has been warmly received by the community, and is awaiting a new remixes album release with many of today's hottest artists like R21, N-Ter, Morphogenetic, Shadowbunny, and many more.




Matthew Flanagan is without question one of the most dedicated and exciting artists to watch for these days. As the man behind DeFeKT and ESS, he has recently released two astonishing 12" records, "Stimulus", as DeFeKT on his own imprint "Takeover Recordings", and  "Machine Talk", as ESS, on Umwelt's New Flesh imprint.


Shadowbunny | April 2011 Feature

ShadowbunnyShadowbunny is an ongoing Electronic Dance Music project since the year 2000 of female musician, Molly Phipps from North Carolina. Every song is created with, and performed live on hardware. Many inspirations from various genres of music can be detected within the songs of Shadowbunny, however, the most commonly heard niche is Dark Electro/Techno Bass.

Morphogenetic - March 2011 Feature

Morphogenetic is back with his 3rd feature for the site since 2004! Utilizing 12" vinyl, and a Traktor Scratch Timecode vinyl set up, he brings us what can only be described as a perfect example of how Vinyl and digital can live harmoniously side by side.


DJ Eric Emz | February 2011 Feature

Eric M. ( aka Eric Emz ) started out young with a strong musical influence from early punk and new wave. Groups like The Sex Pistols, The Misfits, The Smiths and The Cure were all big parts of his upbringing. As his musical taste progressed, exposure to Hip-Hop and Miami bass soon followed a few years later. Then, in 1996, Emz was officially introduced to Electronic Music, after he started recording live DJ sets from a local college radio station; which frequently played Techno and House.

DJ A # | January 2011 Feature

DJ A Sharp is a child of the 80's. Growing up during the Electro Funk movement in the Hip Hop scene, he began gaining interest in the music; later collecting mixes by Detroit and Chicago DJ's who would play a variety of Electro, Techno, Miami Bass, Freestyle, and Chicago Booty House. It wasn't until the Second Generation of Detroit Techno however, that he would fully immerse into the sounds of Techno Bass music.



Rogue Frequency | December 2010 Feature

Dave Hayden, aka Rogue Frequency, first made his debut on the Irish label, "Takeover Recordings", on their "Response Unit 1" compilation. If you have been keeping track of recent material like the new "Stimulus" 12" E.P. by Matt Flanagan aka DeFeKT, or digital releases by Thatboytim, T-Polar, or Therarelowry, then surely by now you have heard of this new and fantastic imprint.


Jase One | November 2010 Feature

Jase One is a product of a born and raised Detroit Techno and Electro DJ. He grew up listening to Electronic Music in the underground scene of Detroit and quickly began Djing in 1998. Fitting right in with the Detroit scene, Jase One has a heavy Techno and Electro sound, but also mixes all types of genres.

Mazzula | October 2010 Feature

Living in the post-industrial wasteland which is Stoke on Trent UK, what might be called a ‘cultural void’ as far as dance music is concerned, has only further inspired Paul ‘Mazzula’. Treading the line between Electro-Breaks and Techno, recognition has been growing steadily with artists such as Radioactive Man and Dave Clarke supporting his work.