DJ 4sO - November 2016 Feature

Hailing from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, DJ 4sO of Global Funk Radio's "Unibass" Radio Show fame signs himself to the long history of features here on the site, with a punishing mix full of Electro Funk and Bass mercenaries from around the world like Mike Ash, Jackal & Hyde, Vortex, Debonaire, Tom Oliver and many more! 



Illektrolab: Life, Bass And The Careful Balance Between Man And Machine

Sometimes, conciliating Electro with your way of life can be sporting. For almost 2 decades, Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab (Satamile, Duality Recs, Advanced Robotiks) has been haunting warehouses worldwide with some of the harshest dancefloor beats and subsonic Bass. But did you know that this versatile artist hailing from Arizona was also an adventure lover who found his Paradise in Costa Rica?

Artist Highlight

Jackal & Hyde

Call it what you will: Electro, Electrocore, or even perhaps Techno Bass on hyperdrive. Whatever their music is to you, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Jackal & Hyde's sound in the late '90s was as much a catalyst for the 3rd wave of our music, as Dynamix II and groups like Aux 88 were to the continuation of Electro Funk as its Bass counterpart in the late '80s. 


Label Highlight


There are great labels out there, many of them! But out of those, there are these certain ones that seem to bring in a very standout and unique approach that is captivating, enriching and mysterious at the same time. One of them is the infamous German imprint Over-X-Posure.

Gear Highlight

Record Reviews

Achim.Bloch - Two Electronic Pieces With Samples Of John Zewizz's Voice"

Achim.Bloch returns, hot on the heels from his releases on Bass Agenda Recordings, as well as his own Roxxx imprint back in 2015, here again with "Two Electronic Pieces With Samples Of John Zewizz's Voice".

dynArec - In Your Hand

Technorama Records proudly presents the second Electro release from its already impressive catalog. A break in the long list of Techno releases from the French label, "In Your Hand" appears in the right prolongation of "We Are Detroit, The Rogue" by Keith Tucker and Blaktony published last year on the Parisian imprint run by DJ Jee & Céline.


V/A - the29nov Vol. 1

After thousands of clips, mostly Techno oriented but not only, "The29nov" films celebrates this month ten years of good and faithful devotion to Music. Launched by Sebastian Kökow and Kevin Paschold back in 2006, this collective of sought after video producers hailing from the South of Germany proudly presents the first volume of a series of 2x12" compilations gathering some of their favorite artists.


Alavux - Ohm

Meeting Goran aka "Alavux" recently on Dave Clarke's second Electro event, "Whip It", was a real pleasure. The man embodies his music. That's what he represents. He is as energetic as his beats and cuts, passionate when he talks, always there for a laugh or a joke. In addition, there's no genre in the wide range of Electro/Techno he doesn't challenge. Every release he puts out, surprises and tells one new story after another.


Monel - Multiply

Encrypted Records returns, this time with a fairly different title to add to their collection: a bit more minimal and non vocal; yet no less intriguing and full of ingenuity. Presenting Monel, with "Multiply", featuring a remix by ZterK, and released as a digital pack wherever you buy music.


Go Nuclear - Techno World

Go Nuclear - Techno World album cover on Bass AgendaYou'll probably hear more of Tim Checkley and Clint Watkins in the near future. The duo hidden behind the explicit "Go Nuclear" alias makes a remarkable debut on U.K.'s prime Electro label Bass Agenda Recordings run by the unstoppable Andy Barton.


Dez Williams - VANTA SERIES

Just before the launch of its new imprint "Boidae", inaugurated by French talent Umwelt in October, Berlin label Killekill also introduced another subdivision of its trademark: a platform for different limited 12" series focused on club sounds with their own concept and aesthetic.


Daniel Ruane - Anamnesis

The electronic sensation comes back this month from the UK!


After a remarkable second album, "Lakes" on L.A. based imprint Proximal Records and an impressive compilation of remixes, "The Interpreter", on The Silent Howl label earlier this year, Manchester don Daniel Ruane (Birkhouse Recordings, Don’t Fret Records) strikes back with a self-release in the form of a brand new EP!


Gods Of Technology Feat. Egyptian Lover & Jamie Jupitor – The Bass Academy Vol.2

On a scale from 1 to 10, this massive release brought to you by Vstee and his mighty label Fdb Recordings, would receive a note of 11! Not only because it features two future classics, but altogether a plethora of Electro legends and veterans who contribute to the success of Vol. 2 in the Bass Academy's hopefully long series.