DJ Dope-E | February 2017 Feature

DJ Dope-E returns with another blinding West Coast mix full of that flavor you just won't find anywhere else. Busy in studio since his last appearance, he has been working hard compiling his debut album which is gonna truly raise more than a few eyebrows. This guy has all bases covered, and knows his stuff from top to bottom. Stay tuned for that! For now?


Illektrolab: Life, Bass And The Careful Balance Between Man And Machine

Sometimes, conciliating Electro with your way of life can be sporting. For almost 2 decades, Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab (Satamile, Duality Recs, Advanced Robotiks) has been haunting warehouses worldwide with some of the harshest dancefloor beats and subsonic Bass. But did you know that this versatile artist hailing from Arizona was also an adventure lover who found his Paradise in Costa Rica?

Artist Highlight

Jackal & Hyde

Call it what you will: Electro, Electrocore, or even perhaps Techno Bass on hyperdrive. Whatever their music is to you, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Jackal & Hyde's sound in the late '90s was as much a catalyst for the 3rd wave of our music, as Dynamix II and groups like Aux 88 were to the continuation of Electro Funk as its Bass counterpart in the late '80s. 


Label Highlight


There are great labels out there, many of them! But out of those, there are these certain ones that seem to bring in a very standout and unique approach that is captivating, enriching and mysterious at the same time. One of them is the infamous German imprint Over-X-Posure.

Gear Highlight

Korg Volca Kick

Korg continues to diversify its Volca series with the recent release of additions like the new digital sampler, as well as its new FM synthesizer, the "Volca FM". This time, the company introduces us to a tool that I personally find quite fascinating; even as the naysayers might complain of its odd simplicity and perhaps out-of-place approach. But let's talk about this, I can happily explain! 


Record Reviews

Q-Chip - Access Consciousness

Q-Chip returns once again for an onslaught of heavy Electro/Techno dancefloor hits on 12" vinyl. Making his debut on Bunker Records in 2012, and then unto the incredible vinyl piece "The Difference That Makes A Difference" on Solar One, the artist delivers here with "Accesss Consciousness" on UK imprint Gnosis Recordings, an unstoppable collection of dark, menacing machine-like productions that will obliterate the mindless masses as they head towards the abyss. 


Freddy Fresh aka The Modulator - Jungla

Re-launched three years ago, EMF (Electronic Music Foundation), the subdivision of Analog Records formed in 1993 by Freddy Fresh and Auto Kinetic, was in a kind of wakefullness. This state is now over with the release today of the excellent "Jungla", Freddy's approximatively 17th or 18th album so far since his first steps into Electronic Music back in 1992.


T/error - Eka Bismuth

Every opus dropped by T/error (Body Control, Borg Recordings) comes from a specific idea, and "Eka Bismuth" doesn't depart from those rules. Having explored in 2015 the different spectrums of sound on his debut full length "D7", then the instability of Uranium (a metaphor to the instability of the Human Being) on "U235", the Roman artist proudly presents his third concept album.


Transparent Sound - No Call From New York

Having disappeared for a bit off the electro radars from a while, Transparent Sound resurfaces on Electrix with a brand new release of their trademark (their fifth on Billy Nasty's imprint), even more synthetic than their latest EP, "Punk Mother Fucker", published last year on Pressure Traxx.


Caron - Connected Circuits

Following its inaugural release and still mighty "Universe" compilation, Russian label Mosaique founded by Moralez and Murzin proudly presents its second output in the form of an EP from the likes of Caron. The mysterious producer signs here his debut on the electronic scene with two tracks ranging from Electro to Techno styles.


V/A - Mechatronica 2

German label Mechatronica run by Casper Mejlholm, Federico Benedetti and Daniel Boubet returns this month with its second release to date, in the form of another successful vinyl compilation, and featuring a plethora of highly demanded artists such as Dez Williams, Umwelt, Dmitry Distant & Igors Vorobjovs, and Fleck E.S.C.


V/A - Ten Year Electronics

London based Cultivated Electronics celebrates this month its 10th birthday the best way possible, with the release of "Ten Year Electronics"; the final chapter in the imprint's series of compilations featuring the label owner Sync 24 and the current creme of electronic producers.


Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene 3

First off, let me say I am incredibly excited about the return of Jean-Michel Jarre to music. Not that he had ever gone anywhere, but it had been a while since we had heard new material, which became a reality after the launch of the popular "Electronica" series, which featured everyone from the late Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream, to the iconic Vince Clarke.


V/A - To Andreas Gehm

Andreas Gehm left us a few months ago and his loss remains painful for many of us. After the release of the "Boxx EP" in June, Midnight Shift Records established in 2011 and based out of Singapore, wished to publish a tribute to this fantastic German producer who's gone away too early. The present compilation pays homage in the best way possible to the master of the 303, offering a refined selection of eight club insanities from both emerging and heavyweight producers.