MEJLE - September 2016 Feature

If you haven't been keeping up, MEJLE has been a name making his rounds around the continental Europe with live DJ sets at many clubs and festivals playing alongside DJ Hell, Komarken Electronics, and DJ Glow to name but a few; primarily at the infamous Mechatronica parties.


Debonaire Records: Taking It To The Max Since The Birth Of Electro Bass Music

Ever since the late '80s, a strong force within the Miami Bass scene began to emerge as a new sound was being forged out of the booming 808 beats, high-energy rhythms and controversial concepts found in the music of 2 Live Crew and the like; what would eventually become known to many as Techno Bass, or Car Audio Bass Music if you were in the region and witnessed this fascinating time period.

Artist Highlight


Hailing from Serbia, Alavux is one of the purveyors of the Electro-Techno sound in his region of Eastern Europe, where together with his E75 crew, our music has been represented with passion and dedication for well over 20 years.

Label Highlight

City Beat Records

Ever since the year 2000, a signal from a distant past has been reaching us; a time when man and machine began to unite, yet our sense of tribalism prevailed as it merged into a modern mix of Urban culturalism, coupled with the primitive need to unite through dance and music as we always have.


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Record Reviews

Kretz - Supreme

Author of two albums "Gemeinschafts Informationen" and "Alles Ist Binär", plus a dozen of EPs on labels such as PLONK, Urkraft or Encrypted since 2012, Kretz invests into the Japanese Electro label Anti Gravity Device lead by AE35.


Axhan Sonn - Mesehyena Tracks

It was Axhan Sonn's ambient mix of "Mesehyena Tracks" on the Bass Agenda Show 136, that brought back the double album from "Axhan Sonn" back right under the spotlight. Released in 2013 on "Nerve System Records'", the album is an overview of Axhan Sonn's nicely selected ambient tracks he produced between 2005 and 2011. 


Luxus Varta - Rosenhan Experiment

Emeric Di Paolo aka Luxus Varta confirms all the good that we thought about this pure genius since his discovery on Solar One Music's Hubble Telescope Series.


Biodread ‎– Game Over EP - The Remixes

If you follow this section assiduously, you know how much we enjoy X0X Records! With a rhythm of approximatively one release per year, this Finnish premium label favors quality to quantity, serving up smashing releases each time that are worth the wait.


Sync 24 and Silicon Scally - Jack Out EP

Cultivated Electronics, the galvanizing farm of Electro music that just keeps on giving the gift of wonder, returns once again with a fabulous collaboration with label mastermind Sync 24, and legendary composer and producer Carl Finlow; here under his Silicon Scally alias.

V/A - Mechatronica 1

The list of exciting labels new and old hopping on the vinyl bandwagon continues to grow, and here we present you with yet another solid piece of wax featuring some well known favorites this time around.

Mike Ash - Missing Time

If you have never heard about prolific veteran Mike Ash (Super Rhythm Trax, Mars Frequency, Devine Disorder), which is almost impossible, here are two opportunities to make amends about his music with the simultaneous release of "Black Triangle" on Bass Agenda Recordings; a follow up to his "UFO3030" album published two years ago, and "Missing Time", his third contribution to the British Electro label Borg Recordings, founded in 2012 by Skyborg.


Lok44 - Bous

Get ready for another top notch Electro/Techno release, signing the great return of Daniel Lodig on DJ Glow's TRUST! Four deep and crafty cuts propelled by classic drum machine sounds and 4/4 reminiscences, without losing their subtle touch.


Binary System - Paraphonic Delays

After a short hiatus (or too long for fans like us), US label Zero One Music, run by the legendary Will Web, returns to music with the full-length debut of E. Bottema (Magno Control) and E. Edens (EDO8)! Expect nothing but doomy and dark Techno Bass tinted with Detroit influences from this mysterious duo based in the Netherlands. Binary System introduces here no less than eight tracks ranging from reprobate Funk, to contemporary Electro and emotive Synth-Pop.