Nexus 23 - Escape

Andy Barton's label Bass Agenda Recordings returns with Borg Recordings regular signature Nexus 23!


Robertiano Filigrano - Kolossum EP

After a few mystery appearances on compilations like "Elektrodos Vol. 1 - The Compilation", as well as a few of the volumes in the "Urban Connections" series, Robertiano Filigrano began to make his debut in the Electro Bass scene with a strong sense of musicianship and an obvious passion for the deeper realms of Electro music. But to think he is a newcomer would be a mistake. Whether as an artist, DJ, or label owner, Robertiano has had his hands in the business for quite some time.

Carlos Native - Odyssey

Carlos Native keeps on the onslaught of dark, heavy Sci-Fi epics, this time offering us the single "Odyssey". Hot on the heels of his incredible works found on his B.I.O.N.E.T. album, the solo project of half member of the iconic Tainted Cell duo Carlos Native just keeps on getting more and more intriguing.


V/A - Cyber_Tex EP

Brand new T.R.U. (Texas Recordings Underground) run by Dallas DJ and producer Gavin Guthrie aka TxConnect, proudly presents its inaugural release and we must admit that for a debut, the first installment is a master stroke!


With the aim to promote local artists ranging from House to Techno, passing through the Electro scene, the promising label introduces here "Cyber_Tex", a five tracker of high caliber from a plethora of pure talents. 


Alpha 606 - Alpha 606 RMXD

Waiting for his long expected album to be published within a couple of months, discrete yet engaging Armando Martinez, better known as Alpha 606 (Dopamine, Touchin' Bass) returns to Ectomorph's imprint with a follow up to his "Electrónica Afro-Cubano EP" released in 2008.


Alex Cortex - Parallax Mind

Used to making the electronic charts, prolific Alex Cortex introduces here his debut EP on Vienna Electro/Techno label TRUST.


With about fifty releases on labels such like Pomelo, Barba Records, Ann Aimee or Killekill just to name but a few, the versatile German artist has made a name for himself since his beginnings in 1996. Today, Alex offers with "Parallax Mind", three mental tracks calibered for the dancefloor in its typical signature.


Jackal & Hyde - Bad Robot

Jackal & Hyde return after a small hiatus, well anticipated as many for some time wondered if we would see another release by the legendary duo. This time on German powerhouse Dominance Electricity, Jackal & Hyde presents "Bad Robot"; a Vinyl and Digital EP featuring the new "VIP remix" of the duo's hit "The Darkstar" from 2004, as well as a new original which the record is named after. 


Dark Vektor, The Blotnik Brothers – The Bass Academy Vol.1

Since its inception in 2000, French Fdb Recordings has given us regular rendezvous with the very best of Electro, and each one is always a surprising event we don't want to miss.


Telkhin - Poseidon Wave EP

Hailing from Argentine, Telkhin celebrates his debut vinyl EP on renowned Dutch label Shipwrec Records. 


Having made electronic music a philosophy of life, the enigmatic producer offers with "Poseidon Wave", a solid follow up to his first digital album, "Earth Being Recycled", released on Detroit Underground back in 2015.


Carl Finlow - Electricology EP

When speaking about Electrix, the name of versatile Carl Finlow (Warp, Trope, Klang, Soma, SCSI, Satamile) is never too far! The Electro veteran aka Random Factor, Black Labs, Voice Stealer, Silicon Scally or Scarletron has been an important actor in the success of Billy Nasty's label, having committed since the inception of the London imprint in 2000, two luminous EP's, "Boot Loop" and "Format Wars"; respectively in 2013 and in 2003. Today the U.K.