As we continue to dive deeper and deeper into the mysterious, and often confusing, underworld that is the history of Electro music, we travel back in time to Miami, and highlight one of the most legendary of all the Bass music pioneers, Maggotron.


Komarken Electronics

Since 2007, Komarken Electronics has been one of those names that mysteriously keeps popping up everywhere you go and with everyone you talk to about Electro music. Based out of Kungälv, Sweden, this artist has had a subtle, yet consistent momentum of releases on various labels like Stilleben Records, Solar One Music, Black Montanas, and just recently, Dominance Electricity.



Posatronix is William "BJ" Smith. Since an early age, BJ has been fascinated by music. Spending hours at a time listening to the radio, BJ could only dream of a day when perhaps he could begin to do something with this art that was so captivating to him.

DJ R21

If you have been keeping up with the massive output of quality releases from Devine Disorder Records and Binalog Productions, then by now you have probably caught wind of one of their most formidable artists, DJ R21.



Techno Bass Crew

Techno Bass music is in many ways shrouded in mystery. To some, it is strictly a Detroit sound, while to followers of the Miami Bass scene, they consider Dynamix II as being the pioneers of this style of Electro.


For the past 11 years, Bojan Jascur aka N-ter, has been ravaging dancefloors and sound systems across the globe with his incredibly majestic, soulful, and hard hitting Techno Bass styles.

Juan Atkins

There are few people in this world that can truly be credited with being pioneers in the Electronic Music scene, Juan Atkins is one of them!


The Unknown DJ

The Unknown DJ, one of the most legendary Electro Funk producers in the history of the sound, is really not quite so unknown. Born Andre Pierre Manuel, Unknown DJ pioneered the West Coast Sound of the mid 80's that influenced artists like Egyptian Lover and The World Class Wreckin' Cru.


DJ Di'jital

Truly an old school Techno Bass jewel, DJ Di'jital has been a key player in the development of what some call the "Second Generation" of Detroit Techno. Having released on classic Detroit labels like Metroplex, Direct Beat, and Twilight 76, there is plenty of good reason why his name and his work have become so legendary over the years.