Q-Chip - Access Consciousness

Q-Chip returns once again for an onslaught of heavy Electro/Techno dancefloor hits on 12" vinyl. Making his debut on Bunker Records in 2012, and then unto the incredible vinyl piece "The Difference That Makes A Difference" on Solar One, the artist delivers here with "Accesss Consciousness" on UK imprint Gnosis Recordings, an unstoppable collection of dark, menacing machine-like productions that will obliterate the mindless masses as they head towards the abyss. 


Starting off with "Future Past", the 4x4 gallops quickly escalate as the bassline drops the funk without asking questions. The snares here are effected just right with a little flange, and morph with every step as they puncture through the veil of reality. Accessing Consciousness is no easy task, and first we must break down what we know as real, and this one here does it without mercy!


As we flow into the core of the universe leaving behind all we thought we knew, "Reality Tunnels" guides us with this aggressive and mischevious tune that gets back into the 808 rhythms, assisted by sampled vocals that sound like radio tower communications. Computerized bleeps strike from the sides as the unmerciful bassline lines up for tough sequence duties. Great track!


"Brain Surge" lives up to its name as it begins to make incissions around your head with this ferocious jam reminding me a bit of the more abstract material that Detroit has brought us over the years; primarily that of artists like Dopplereffekt. A surgical bassline revolves around like a ferris wheel at max speed, while deranged vocals sneak in and out of this production like schizophrenic dellusions that try and convince us of what is real and what is not. This one is plain bizarre folks, but mysterious, and keeps things interesting. I like it. 


Moving along, "Quantum Jumping" gets into more classic 808s, where an evil array of dark pads, sawtooth bass tones, and sharp oscillations shoot across the sky with full intent. This tune is not for the faint of heart...what a powerhouse! My favorite so far I think!


If the last one didn't shoot sparks at you like a blown circuit board, then the title track, "Access Consciousness", will certainly fry things up as the overload of uncanny computations begin to reintegrate your senses into a new view of things. We are not where we once we were, and that's ok! It's all about reaching higher levels of being, and this one elevates our energy with fully decoded binary operations that reprogram your mind. This one features raw 808 flares, but the rhythms go back to the more syncopated 4x4 styles of Electro Bass music. The bassline alone will growl at you like a vicious wolf hungry for more.


Lastly, "Electro Music" retains basically the same beat, same rhythms, but invites frantic sequences and robotic voices chanting "Electro...Music". An anthem for what we do, and a great example of just how dark some will take things in this scene where a passion for technology, dystopian possibilities, and the great potential of the human mind and spirit inspire what is still and always will be, the most cutting-edge form of Electronic music out there. 


Great E.P. on what will undoubtedly be a great label as time goes on. Q-Chip is an artist making waves already, and if you haven't caught on to his tunes, start here, and find his works on Solar One Music, as well as old school imprint Bunker. Highly recommended music...and on wax! Buy now below and support Indie labels like Gnosis. Either you know, or you don't! :)





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

February 2017