Plant43 - Grid Connection

Following his successful album "Scars Of Intransigence" in 2014, UK based electronic producer Emile Facey aka Plant43 (Ai Records, AC Records, Semantica Records, Central Processing Unit) returns to Netherlands label Shipwrec Records with a four track EP of high caliber, offering another aesthetic Electro of his own trademark.


The title track "Grid Connection" opens the A side with visionary Electro sororities, while intricate synth melodies make their way through the track in proportion as we progress into the listening. Deep and soulful at the same time, the song brings to mind some of Scape One's early works on Ai Records or SCSI AV. Top notch!


Moody "Gathering Storms" coming next, signs another milestone of a cut. Based upon a slow, yet still dancefloor oriented rhythm, this piece of Electro Funk displays some nice groovy modulations over a very nostalgic and peaceful atmosphere. Perfect for home listening pleasures as well, this tune sounds like a versatile beast as you can play it to introduce an Electro set that will end with harder tones. Ace!


Lively "Successful Länder" concludes the EP with a frantic song based upon Breaks influences, syncopated tempos, rough beats and nice arpeggio programming. Heading and hypnotizing at the same time, this track sounds like the climax of "Experiment 69"!


Very similar to the two previous hits but with a darker and a more Sci-Fi approach, groovy "Wire Wound" on the reverse focuses on solid syncopated beats and smooth synth programming to progressively build a very urban construction. You will feel like exploring a vast, futuristic and enlightened city in GTA XX.


As a conclusion, fascinating arpeggios from "Cirriform Surface", filled with EDM influences, will bring you to tears, diving you into an ocean of feelings.


Drawing his influences from many different genres including Techno, Emile has emerged over the last five years on the Electronic Music scene, delivering nothing but quality tracks. Besides its emotional stye, technically speaking this "Grid Connection EP" is one of Emile's best studio efforts and connects perfectly to his essential discography. A release to own!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

April 2017