Medooza - Per Lift Ins All

Long-time veteran of the underground Electro scene, Claire Hulla aka Medooza is no stranger to our music. After holding one of the longest-running Electro Bass broadcasts on Global Funk Radio for many years, the seasoned female DJ unleashes her first EP, full of heavy compositions, and on 12" vinyl nonetheless! Signing her works to French imprint extraordinaire New Flesh Records, "Per Lift Ins All" showcases in a rather eclectic fashion, the raw, deep and profound power this fascinating artist has to offer. 


Starting off with "Dilemma", Medooza pays honors to the mastermind behind the label, Umwelt, and graces the record with a rich and deeply melodic composition reminding me of many of the unique and inspiring tunes that have been coming from the French artist for nearly two decades now! This gentle giant has all the right elements, the classic beats; fashioned a bit as if inspired by the Breaks scene, and the lush synth melodies that add great depth, keeping things clean and minimal. Beautiful song! My favorite.


Next up, the true colors of Medooza's madness begin to appear, as her more subtle side begins to unravel, bringing up the dark and abstract energies that have always made up this artist, even as a DJ from long ago. With "Gedankensteuerung", she displays this unique character with no holding back. Aggressive sound manipulations relentlessly gallop like the pistons of a runaway train on some sort of bizarre psychedelic adventure, while piercing pads slice left and right as if obliterating your sense of reality with a touch of eerie sensuality. Very devious song!!!


Moving along, next up we find "Neuanfang", which devolves into an uncanny world of its own, driven by mystical energies that stem from a lonesome place full of intent, but somehow cold and empty; slightly menacing yet very intelligent. This is what the center of the Universe probably sounds like folks, creepy stuff! If you like dark tunes, this one will impress you for sure. 


As we continue, another favorite of mine which you may have caught on our radio show "Voltage Controlled" a few months ago, is "Fernwartung". The synths enter once again here, but this is no soulful journey! Brooding is all that comes to mind as the sheer suspense of these melodies do away with any sense of warmth and welcoming feelings. This tune, while it has a classic side to it; like Electronic Classical Music, is also very rhythmic, even with its slightly slower tempos, and delivers sequencing so complex, that it keeps up with the very intelligent aspect to Medooza's music that really speaks its own language. A rather intimidating, but highly advanced energy that gives her music a hard to describe type of sound. This is not an artist that can be easily put in a box folks, so take it for what it is...unique, eclectic, abstract and forward-thinking. 


As we head towards the end of this fantastic record, we find "Schallwahrnehmung". This maelstrom of an atmospheric is an intense journey into the depth's of Claire Hulla's soul, where otherworldly sounds bleed in from all corners like entities filling an acoustic chamber as eccentric stabs form an eerie ambience. Amazing bit, even if short. 


Last we find "Weiterflug"; another atmospheric, but this one very different from the last. This one is very thought provoking, inspiring, raw and analog. This you could say takes a dive into Medooza's "other half" of her soul, light in contrast to the previous' torment and abstract desolation. Lush sawtooth bass synths take the stage for the record's consummation, where modulating drones flutter by like space bugs in an alien world somewhere far out in the universe. The composition doesn't evolve into much beyond what you are presented with, yet somehow, it's a melody that will stay in your head all day and in a very subtle way become the soundtrack to your life, injecting those mundane little moments with a bit of enigma and mystery as you hum along. 


Highly recommended 12" vinyl release, and a great continuation to Claire Hulla's growing discography. So far, though a career still in its early stages in some ways, it is one that shows already the kind of unique gift the artist has for this music, full of originality and vision for pushing the boundaries of sound. New Flesh already, with its plethora of incredible vinyl outputs, has done enough to show us their devotion to the sound, and this great new record simply fulfills this agenda a bit needle drop at a time, that's how we reach the minds and souls! Support below by buying copy and stay tuned for more to come from the one and only Medooza!





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

April 2017