V/A - Electrobass Development Phase 2

Subsonic Device returns, this time with the second installment in its "Electrobass Development" vinyl series, bringing you a roster of artists that will make this one an absolute classic and one you simply cannot pass on! I for one am deeply honored to be the very first person to hear this record in test press form, and could not believe my eyes when I saw many of my all-time favorites on this 2x12". Expect Dynamix II with John Robie, Dark Vektor, Debonaire, Bass Junkie, Otto Von Schirach, and more. Let's get started!


Kicking things off, "Galactic Combat" by Bass Junkie is a firestorm of Electro Bass beats, reminding me a lot of "Robot Movement"; one of his all-time classics, keeping the rhythms bouncey and complex in the artist's signature form, but with drones that will hypnotize you as if a weapon of mind control. Top notch!!


Next up, DJ XED returns on the scene with a blinding tune that shows his unique blend of Detroit Techno Bass and B-Boy Electro Funk is live and well, and continously evolving. "Spectral Subspace" comes in reminding me a bit of tracks like "Technicolor" by Channel One, but tougher, and a sure tune to get the boys and girls poppin' and lockin'! Love this guy's style, it's fierce and soulful at the same time!


Dark Vektor follows up, starting things off on the B-side, with "No More (Sóc Un Frik Sóc Un Técnic)", which is another one that brings in the influences of Detroit Techno Bass in its Catalonian form, full of rhythm, and that funky bassline that you can't get out of your head sometimes. The tune slowly begins to morph into Dark Vektor's classic Techno sound; that soulful, majestic, and innovative way of him composing and programming that makes this artist very unique and one that can charm you with just a single note. 


Next up, "Nego" returns to rock the house. "Psycho Space " by Negocious Man is a vicious tune, aggressive in every way as it oscillates without mercy. This is one of those sort of tracks that thrive on the higher frequency spectrums with complex sequencing that will bewilder you, adding on top of that brooding strings that add mystery to the mix, as the fast-paced beats command you to the floor. The best tune by Negocious Man I've heard so far!


Starting off on the C-side on the 2nd disc, Dynamix II and John Robie deliver the original version of "They Are Coming"; previously released on Dynamix II Records back in '09. This song is classic Dynamix in many ways, but builds with the assistance of Robie, creating a track that shows a ton of attitude with bass beats gallore; reminiscent of the hit "Ignition" a bit, and for some reason putting images in my head of R2D2 poppin' and lockin' to the vibes of this rather cheery if not devious tune...you'll have to hear it to know what I mean! ;)


Next up, label mastermind Mario Zinsl aka Darxid, presents "Hungry". This fierce robotic tune reminds me of Gosub a bit, with a heavily determined sawtooth bassline that stomps along with a nice dark groove, while tough detuned vocals encourage you to move your body. Real forward-thinking song, in the style of this amazing producer who doesn't get boxed in by any particular sense of genres. True to the craft of Electro music, but even more true to staying authentic and unique, and pushing the boundaries. 


As we move on over to the flipside, Otto Von Schirach, the mystical bass creature of otherwordly experimentations, gets low on the rhythms with "Bass Low". This bizarre tune is signature Otto, with deep subsonic rattles, quirky vocals styled in a sorta comical way that doesn't take itself too seriously. The mood of the track, while a bit far out as usual with Schirach's work, has a nice old school feel, but not overly so. This guy makes very alien music that lives on some level we barely understand, but he never gets too far away from the core sound of our music to make it sound unfamiliar or too experimental. Great tune to cruise Biscayne Bay in Miami with the top down, with a bass that gets so low folks...you must handle with care!


Last but certainly not least, the man with the master plan, Debonaire, closes this vinyl set with the "Injectable Beats" version of the title track Electro Novocaine; off his latest album on Debonaire Records. This version is classy but dark, and is a bit like some of the more obscure Acid Breaks that began to come out in the mid to late '90s in Florida. Visionary stuff with attitude and determination to bust a groove with bass that as you can expect is more than plenty. The synths here really spook things up a bit as well; I love when these come in, as it begins to take things in a different direction that together with the ingenious sequencing make for a serious joyride. Very cool tune!


Amazing 2x12"! A great example of an argument I have made time and time again, which is that Techno Bass, or Electro Bass as many of you like to call it, is more than just a Detroit thing: it began in Miami, evolved in Detroit, and is today a worldwide representation of what happened when that low Bass met B-Boy Electro Funk and Techno...the re-invention of our once dying sound! Here you get a perfect showcase of the more European sounds of the music, as well as the American side of the story. Both together a powerhouse to rock the planet into the future!

This vinyl album compilation will be available for purchase through the Save Our Sounds website first sometime next week, then on to stores worldwide over the course of July! Support the underground's resurgence of vinyl, and make this one a timeless classic to stick in your DJ bag. Every track on this album will leave clubgoers frantic and ready for more. Stay tuned, a serious bombshell is about to drop unto the scene!! 





Written by: Santino Fernandez

June 2017