Binary System - Paraphonic Delays

After a short hiatus (or too long for fans like us), US label Zero One Music, run by the legendary Will Web, returns to music with the full-length debut of E. Bottema (Magno Control) and E. Edens (EDO8)! Expect nothing but doomy and dark Techno Bass tinted with Detroit influences from this mysterious duo based in the Netherlands. Binary System introduces here no less than eight tracks ranging from reprobate Funk, to contemporary Electro and emotive Synth-Pop.


Dive into the gloomy and driving drums of "Voyager", a brilliant introduction to the "Paraphonic Delays" album, where classy US layers fuse into nasty claps a la Channel One.


Embrace the deep atmosphere of "Binary Funk", a downtempo Electro tune made of evanescent lyrics over a noir bassline, while you retrace the Big Bang theory with "Minor Fraction" (Magno Control solo); another carefully concocted robotic groove, reminding me of Kraftwerk, enhanced by relaxing synth flights.


Dance as if it was your last chance to the sound of epileptic "Major Landing", a track imbued with a Sci-Fi edge, frantic 808 sequences and catchy modulations.


Feel the energy of Miami Bass style "Future Music" (EDO8 solo), an electronic piece of funk based upon heading vocoder and samples, and run like if you were trying to escape from eerie "Bounce & Freak It", an experimental cut surrounded by insane analog manipulations.


Finally, progressive "Clap Trap" puts you in a circle with a warm anthem, fueled with deep sororities and moody melodies to bring you closer to A Number Of Names' timeless "Sharivari". Enjoy!


From the first to the last notes, this album is nothing short of incredible. What a solid way to celebrate a come back from Zero One Music!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

August 2016