Spectrums Data Forces | August 2010 Feature

Spectrums Data Forces, also known as C-System, is a Spanish Electro/Techno artist that has been making his rounds in the scene for a couple of years now. Releasing on labels like New Flesh, Militant Science, and Dirty Planet, SDF has been quickly gaining the respect he deserves with his refined, contemporary, yet futuristic sound creations which even include a collaboration with the spanish Electro don, Dark Vektor.

Starting out with music production in 1982 with a 286 and some vintage synths, by age 20 he was already learning the ways of Electro and Techno. Influenced by artists like Aux 88, Model 500 and even Anthony Rother, his sounds clearly reflect the influences of Detroit Techno Bass, while pushing forward with a very unique, dark and mysterious vibe.

This month he brings us his first ever downloadable live set for your listening pleasure, exclusively for Technobass.net. Dark overtones, rich layers of strings, and well crafted beats make this a relentless and complex journey through a place in time where the Spectrums Data Forces roam freely annihilating all unworthy sound creations with it's unstoppable sonic vibrations.



Spectrums Data Forces August 2010 technoBass.net Feature


1. Intro
2. Devastation - Dirty Planet Recordings
3. Transgresión Biomolecular - Unsigned
4. Implacable - Labyrinth
5. Beats From The Sun - Unsigned
6. Alpha Centauri - Toyfriend Music
7. Come To Me - Unsigned
8. Aliens - Unsigned
9. The Black Hole - Unsigned
10. Who Lives Here? (Feat. Dark Vektor) - Unsigned
11. La Venganza Del Terrícola - Unsigned
12. Redemption - New Flesh Records




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August 2010