Techno Bass Crew

Techno Bass music is in many ways shrouded in mystery. To some, it is strictly a Detroit sound, while to followers of the Miami Bass scene, they consider Dynamix II as being the pioneers of this style of Electro. While the idea of Techno Bass being from Detroit is legit in many respects, primarily because it is the city where one of the fundamental elements in this music originated, one has to carefully look at what happened in the Bass music scene in Florida, and how Dynamix II influenced the path it would take over the years.


Groups like 2 Live Crew brought the sounds of "Booty Bass" to the mainstream, pushing the envelope to the extent of actually being banned in the US for explicit content. Other groups however, wanted to expand the music past the "Sex sells" mentality, and embrace a more intelligent concept; while retaining that bottom heavy element that got everything started to begin with. One of those groups, was Techno Bass Crew.


The group made their debut in 1993 with their CD album "Bass Machine", on DM Records; the label that brought you many of the Florida Bass scene's most sought after hits, including Tag Team's "Whoomp There It is", and Duice's "Dazzey Duks". Helping to promote a far more broad minded view of what the music could be, Techno Bass Crew blended elements from many different sub-genres of Electronic music like Breaks, Techno, and of course, Bass; as well as clear influences by early '90s artists, including Meat Beat Manifesto, 808 State, and many others. Eclectic ambient soundscapes, mega low bass drops, and classic synth lines were such a relieving deviation from the standard approach that Bass musichad for some time.


In 1995, Techno Bass Crew returned with "Industrial Bass", a hard hitting, but generally mid-tempo album, leaning towards a Trip-Hop style that was very unusual for this style of music. In 1998, "Music From Beyond" was released, which included tracks like "The Age Of Machines", "Subsonic Bass - We Got It", and "Computer Language". This album was a perfect fusion of 1990s Rave era music and Kraftwerk Electro sounds, while sticking to the principles of the "Low-end theory". In 1999, "The Best Of" was released, compiling all of their best material from their previous albums, finally culminating in 2002 with the release of "Classic Techno Bass".


Whether it was Florida, Detroit, or even London in the late 90s, Techno Bass music seems to be a worldwide phenomenon aimed at evolving the sounds of Electro Funk, Techno, and Bass music into a more modern style of music that could cater to the wide variety of Electronic music listeners. Although the influences within each era of Techno Bass are often obvious, some of the artists involved in producing this kind of music claim to not have been aware of people anywhere else making these sounds or referring to it as Techno Bass; making it an even greater mystery as to why so many people in completely different areas of the world were calling this style of Electronic music by the same name. One thing is clear however, and that is that Techno Bass music has been responsible for keeping alive the sounds of Electro Funk and Miami Bass, inspiring younger and up and coming generations that will only further evolve our sound into the future and beyond.




Written by: Santino Fernandez

November 2010