MicroControlUnit | December 2013 Feature

"The motion of the molecules is what drives us, makes our moves. You cannot disapprove, they make us like acting fools, so don't hold back... Keep on track! It concerns what we learn 'bout shockproof attitudes. It dislocates our main excuse to isolate, keeping it straight. Instead you might annihilate by non-stop drop bombs, big bangs with kickdrums. That's what I tell you to do! Don't be scared, I'll pull you through! It's our main devotion, molecule motion."


MicroControlUnit returns for his 2nd feature, with new unreleased material that he has been quite busy in the studio working on. This set contains 5 songs that together make up a theme called "Molecule Motion", and was recorded live using a mix of hardware and VSTs. Enjoy, MCU always comes correct! 



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December 2013