T/Error - D7

To be honest, till now I never paid too much attention to T/Error. Maybe because I never got really exposed to his music or I thought the Italian artist was a newcomer and had just to do his first arms before I should listen to him. I was so wrong!


Since I came across the brilliant "D7" album, I recon I was mistaken. T/error is a pure versatile and established artist with a mature sound to the serve of a rich universe and futuristic vision of Electro!


After a handful of E.P.'s on labels such like Borg Recordings, the producer hailing from Roma has joined the Bass Agenda Recordings prestigious roster with a full length and untouchable opus.


Dancefloor "D7" offers a cultivated mix of sinister Electro and offensive Techno building horrific atmospheres thanks to impacting tracks like evil "Particles Decay" in overture. The absolutely stunning, fast-paced brilliance of "Wavelength Modulation Sequence", already a favorite, is another proof of T/Error's ability to deliver deep yet powerful Electro gems.


Alternating between much anticipating cuts ("Hidden Signals", "Alpha Waves Engine", "Matter Decrease"), alienating songs ("Shining Ships", "Mind Bender") or rough 4/4 pieces with lots of drums ("Cosmic Rays Flux"), "D7" is characterized by The (ab)use of delays, compression and reverb immersing the listener into an insane abyss of darkness! Also, Grade A to orchestral brainwasher "Time Collapse" and horrific "All Possible Futures", two of numerous slaughters combining unhealthy melodies to distorted voices and disturbing signals!


This possessed album comes completed with two insane reworks from the like of T/Error's friend and compatriot AL3SS10 (Body Control), plus a terrific rework of "Time Collapse" by PL_anet (Battery Park Studio). Creating mind-blowing tension through his machines, T/Error has gained a new and unconditional fan: me! Fearsome music for a forearmed crowd, another winner on Bass Agenda Recordings!







Written by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2015