Soundex Phonetic - May 2017 Feature

Soundex Phonetic, Scottish Techno Bass purveyor with many releases across the scene on labels such as Militant Science, Body Control, No Divide, Transient Force, and Tudor Beats, is a name we are all familiar with at this point.


Mauro Nakimi: Living For Music, Making Music To Live

Sometimes you don't choose your life, life chooses for you. This is what happened to Mauro Nakimi, an awesome producer from Spain who spent the last three years working on his brand new album "Multimorphic". To understand the main concept behind his opus, we asked Mauro to introduce himself a little bit and go back to the origins of his passion for music. This is where it all began and where he acquired his non-compromizing character.  


Artist Highlight

Giuseppe Mereu

Italian composer and producer Giuseppe Mereu, an iconic figure with a unique story to tell about our music, rose to notoriety quickly after his debut release on Greek imprint Binalog Productions with "Human Robot", and followed by his first album "Elektrowelt"; a marvel of a record, showing exactly the kind of depth and vision that Giuseppe Mereu had for Electro Bas

Label Highlight


There are great labels out there, many of them! But out of those, there are these certain ones that seem to bring in a very standout and unique approach that is captivating, enriching and mysterious at the same time. One of them is the infamous German imprint Over-X-Posure.

Gear Highlight

Korg Volca Kick

Korg continues to diversify its Volca series with the recent release of additions like the new digital sampler, as well as its new FM synthesizer, the "Volca FM". This time, the company introduces us to a tool that I personally find quite fascinating; even as the naysayers might complain of its odd simplicity and perhaps out-of-place approach. But let's talk about this, I can happily explain! 


Record Reviews

V/A - Electrobass Development Phase 2

Subsonic Device returns, this time with the second installment in its "Electrobass Development" vinyl series, bringing you a roster of artists that will make this one an absolute classic and one you simply cannot pass on! I for one am deeply honored to be the very first person to hear this record in test press form, and could not believe my eyes when I saw many of my all-time favorites on this 2x12".

/DL/MS/ - Rogue Intent

Here comes the debut of a hopefully long series of EP's on TRUST from Dan Lodig aka Lok44, and Martin Sovinz; better known as Dibek. Combining their versatile talents under their fresh yet enigmatic /DL/MS/ project, the two Austrians offer today four epic cuts half way between abstract Electro and much anticipating Techno. The result ventures into the darkest streets of a futuristic nocturne city in a dystopian future.


Cardboard And Computers - The Best Ones

New Zealand independent label and artistic studio "The Area", established in 1998, inaugurates the debut release with the Cardboard And Computers multimedia project.


As a collective of artists composed of guitarist Evan Short, Latin percussionist Tony Escapa, lead vocals Otis Frizzell, synth programmer Tom Ludvigson and mixer Mike Weston (accessorily the label owner), the band aims to provide experimentation and innovation in creative capability.

Alekay - Space Madness

Frajile Recordings returns, this time with a new title from strong up and comer Alekay, who delivers with "Space Madness", an ingenious Electro Bass single with vibes, beats and funk to spare! Includes a remix by James Wolfe in collaboration with Cloak as well, so you can imagine things are bound to get a bit wild here!


Kretz - Electronic Warriors EP

Following M3taN01a's release a month ago, Swedish Jonas Lund aka Kretz returns to Japanese AGD label; run by AE35, with a second EP of his trademark featuring three tracks ranging from pure Electro, to more Breaks styles.


Unité November - G.T.I.

Unité November delivers with "G.T.I.", a raw, unforgiving collection of tunes on 12" vinyl and digital, honoring in concept the world of sport automechanics, and in some ways what appears to be Kraftwerk's quirky and unique approach towards the world of Electronic Music and the different aspects of modern technological society. Songs like Autobahn and Trans Europe Express come to mind with this release and the tracks you'll find here. 


Medooza - Per Lift Ins All

Long-time veteran of the underground Electro scene, Claire Hulla aka Medooza is no stranger to our music. After holding one of the longest-running Electro Bass broadcasts on Global Funk Radio for many years, the seasoned female DJ unleashes her first EP, full of heavy compositions, and on 12" vinyl nonetheless!

Analogue Bipolar Boy - Into Darkness EP

Swap your suit for more comfortable clothes, wear your black hoodie and put on your red Rebook baskets, 'cause you're expected on the dancefloor for some breakin' and freakin' figures!


M3taN01a - Experiment 69

With promising releases on labels such as Misión 115, or Borg Recordings over the last two years, Vuchko Neziri aka M3taN01a, has been making a name for himself on the electronic scene. Hailing from Gostivar, the Macedonian artist invests his time in the Japanese structure Anti Gravity Device run by AE35 with an interesting three track EP ranging from Electro to the more Breaks styles.