DJ Mirage | July 2017 Feature

DJ Mirage has been a long-time purveyor of Hip Hop. Starting back in 1983, his passion for the Electro Funk sound in particular, and that of Breakdance, Graffitti, and the overall vibe that encompassed the early B-Boy culture would see him eventually rise to becoming one of the masters of the sound, going on to release on labels such as Streetsounds; where he did the mastermixes for both Nu Electro Vol. 2 and 3.


Nexus 23: Electro Hardcore Fusionist Joe Black on Music, Politics and More!

Nexus 23 is the brainchild of UK native Joe Black. At this point already a force to be reckoned with, he has made quite a name for himself over the past few years with an intense, hard-edged style that could only come from the heart and soul of this unique artist.

Artist Highlight

Giuseppe Mereu

Italian composer and producer Giuseppe Mereu, an iconic figure with a unique story to tell about our music, rose to notoriety quickly after his debut release on Greek imprint Binalog Productions with "Human Robot", and followed by his first album "Elektrowelt"; a marvel of a record, showing exactly the kind of depth and vision that Giuseppe Mereu had for Electro Bas

Label Highlight

Dadeabass Recordings

Short-lived, yet highly influential imprint Dadeabass Recordings; based in Miami, Florida, came about in 2007 while in the midst of a strong resurgence of Electro Bass and Funk music. Founded by Nick Riesco (Teknik), along with his fellow band of brothers DJ Emil and Mr.

Gear Highlight

Korg Volca Kick

Korg continues to diversify its Volca series with the recent release of additions like the new digital sampler, as well as its new FM synthesizer, the "Volca FM". This time, the company introduces us to a tool that I personally find quite fascinating; even as the naysayers might complain of its odd simplicity and perhaps out-of-place approach. But let's talk about this, I can happily explain! 


Record Reviews

Fleck E.S.C. - Maniacs E.P.

Fleck E.S.C. returns, this time on German "Mechatronica" imprint, who launches with this fascinating release, its digital-only selection of titles that promises to continue the trend of high-quality tunes that has made this young imprint one to look for in just a year's time.

The Resonance Committee - Curvepusher Sessions Vol. 1

Here’s an electro alliance that will make some noise! For its 22th release, London based Cultivated Electronics ran by Sync 24, welcomes "The Resonance Committee"; the association of UK talents Keith “Radioactive Man” Tenniswood, Phil “Bass Junkie” Klein, Simon “The Dexorcist” Brown and Matt Whitehead.


Rabbit In The Moon - Seven Loves Electro

As someone who grew up in the Florida Electronic music scene, where Rabbit In The Moon where perhaps the most influential band around, it is very exciting news to announce a release that should make any hardcore fans of RITM jump for joy! "Seven Loves Electro" is not just a flight of fancy for the group, but rather a coming back full circle for their musical legacy, where much of it began in part, grounded in the aesthetics of what people commonly call "Electro".

Junq - Lila Dreams EP

After a discrete yet successful first release from the likes of James Zeiter aka Analog 1, Furthur Electronix; the imprint created by Anil Lal and Graphic Designer/Artist "Majkel", proudly presents its second outing.

Carlos Native | Exploration

Carlos Native, the elegant Spanish composer of majestic Sci-Fi dance music returns with his 2nd album to date: "Exploration". 10 brand new songs full of rich synthwork, and spellbinding programming that will remind you of many of your favorite soundtracks to the great futuristic movies of yesteryear. An intelligent sound from a brilliant musical mind!


The Observer - Ovidrians Eyes EP

No need to be a NASA employee to intercept radio transmissions from Mars! As an Electro freak, your hearing sensors might have probably perceived the highly anticipated vibes from French label Radio Mars’ third and long awaited output.


Present “Ovidrians Eyes EP” offers a successful follow up to a couple of 12” written by Kaleidophone and Franck Sarrio; respectively in 2006 and 2008.


Sbles3plex - Máquinas Deseantes

The name Sbles3plex remains associated to three essential outings published between 2001 and 2003, on Holland’s infamous Techno Acid imprint Djax Up Beats.


Mike Ash - Identified

Red alert! The London don returns on his very own No Survivors! Recordings imprint with three uncompromising Acid Electro cuts of his trademark in the direct prolongation of the "Interception" album released last year. With this new sonic assault, expect no prisoners from Mike Ash (Borg Recordings, Bass Agenda Recordings).


The Dexorcist/Exzakt - The Bass Academy Vol. 3

Professor X needs to hold on tight! This month, The Bass Academy welcomes into its walls two new teachers. Succeeding to Gods Of Technology Feat. Egyptian Lover, Jamie Jupitor, Dark Vektor, and The Blotnik Brothers, U.K. Wizard The Dexorcist (Control Tower, Battle Trax) and U.S. heavyweight Exzakt (Monotone USA, Shipwrec) take control of the French label to provide their programs for high school students interested in learning about Bass Music in its purest form.