Selekta Stjarna | October 2009 Feature

Selekta StjarnaWe are pleased to announce that for the first since the birth of technoBass.net, Founder of the project Starrie Williamson aka Selekta Stjarna has done a feature for the site.


Agent2 | September 2009 Feature

Agent 2This month we present a feature by the UK's Agent2, one the the founders of the Rebel Intelligence collective. Formed in 1997 in the UK, Rebel Intelligence serves as both a creative platform and a reaction to its own environment, then and now.

Sync 24 | August 2009 Feature

This month we re-present a feature by the UK's Sync 24. Also known as Cultek and Signal Type with Matt Whitehead, he has also formerly released killer tracks on labels such as Touchin' Bass, Toytronic, as well as his own imprint, Cultivated Electronics. This set features the latest new tracks from the label, including the latest release - Cultivated Electronics E.P. 004 This four track E.P.

DJ Di'Jital | July 2009 Feature












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DJ Xed - April 2009 Feature














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Gab.Gato - March 2009 Feature











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Li-Z - Basswax | May 2004 Feature

This Spring, Amsterdam's Li-Z presents us with this visionary mix of hard-hitting, powerful and emotive electro/techno bass. The complex electronic dialogue between the USA and Europe further makes itself evident through this deeply soulful sonic journey of diverse frequency patterns.











Morphogenetic - Unplug | August 2004 Feature

Morphogenetic guides us through the end days of summer with this new mix of cosmic techno bass... Unplug from the matrix and reprogram reality with these mind-expanding floor-fillers. As always, Morphogenetic knows how to showcase tracks and make them live up to their highest potential of deep, dark bass.








Agent 2 - Beyond Function | March 2005 Feature












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ManasyT - Live at Exorzist Studios, Detroit | Ocotober 2004 Feature

If you like industrial strength bass, pounding teched out intricate melodies, and being brainwashed in all the right ways, then this live P.A. is for you. This set was originally recorded at Exzorcist studios in Detroit and was also recently broadcast a few years ago on breaksfm.com's Binary Mix Sessions.