DJ Maaco (Detroit In Effect) | September 2010 Feature

This month Detroit is in effect with a fabulous mix from the mastermind behind M.A.P Records and one of the city's funkiest Techno Bass duos. Prepare for a ride through the streets of "tha D" as DJ Maaco gets behind the wheels of steel and works his magic, bringing you timeless classics from artists like Erotek, Electric Soul, Channel One, as well as various releases from Detroit In Effect.







Spectrums Data Forces | August 2010 Feature

Spectrums Data Forces, also known as C-System, is a Spanish Electro/Techno artist that has been making his rounds in the scene for a couple of years now. Releasing on labels like New Flesh, Militant Science, and Dirty Planet, SDF has been quickly gaining the respect he deserves with his refined, contemporary, yet futuristic sound creations which even include a collaboration with the spanish Electro don, Dark Vektor.

Lb.Ip | July 2010 Feature

If you have ever tuned into Global Funk Radio, one of the longest running and most diverse internet radio stations on the web, then you are probably familiar with the host of the Freebass radio show, Lb.Ip. This Alabama, USA native who now resides in Washington State, has been infecting the internet radio waves with his incredibly eclectic taste in all different kinds of music.

Galaxian ( Live set ) | June 2010 Feature


Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the grimey murder capital of Europe provides the perfect environment for Galaxian's individual take to the electronic sound.


DJ Elusive | May 2010 Feature

Already climbing his way to becoming a veteran of the Florida Electro/Breaks scene, DJ Elusive has been making his rounds at some of the best Central and South Florida events of the last couple of years, playing alongside artists like Anthony Nuzzo, Rob Real, Kounterakt, plus many more.

MicrocontrolUnit | April 2010 Feature

Microcontrol Unit You may have caught one of MicroControlUnit's live sets recently posted on the web, if so, you are well aware of the devastation that MCU will bring to your speakers. Futuristic beats, visionary melodies, and disruptive sound effects create a carefully crafted mix of unreleased songs by one of today's strongest up and comers.

Oort Cloud | March 2010 Feature

Previously released on defunct Detroit label Deadlock Records, as well as UK imprint Militant Science, these two space invaders have come here from the depths of our galaxy to bring you a unique kind of cosmic madness that will take you on a journey through places you've never heard before!


Umwelt (Live) | February 2010 Feature

...And the day came! you asked for it, you always knew it would happen, and now it's here. Umwelt, the man behind the new release on New Flesh Records invades us with a truly otherworldly live set that will take you to places you've never imagined before.

Darxid | December 2009 Feature

The Bass Operator is back! The man behind Subsonic Device and the latest "Upgrades" release, brings us a live set recorded on October 10th at Steril's "Sendling Boogie Breaks' night in Munich.

This fantastic performance showcases many of his hit classics like "Futureways", "Assimilate", and "Darker Breed". Prepare to be taken to another place...a dark side! Hope you find your way out, don't forget to bring a flashlight!

DJR21 | November 2009 Feature

DJR21 is back hot off the tracks after annihilating radios and computers across the globe since his October Mix Of The Month on Martin Evolvah's The Future Shock. This mix includes not only some of his own material released on Devine Disorder Records, but also one of the latest tracks off of AUX 88's Mad Scientist CD, as well as an oldie but goodie from Cybonix ( from D.I.E. ), and some killer new tracks from UKV.