DVS NME | May 2012 Feature

DVS NME has been electrifying the cyberwaves, as well as sound systems across the globe, with his internet radio show, "Dark Science Electro", as well as his releases on labels like Transient Force, Binalog Productions, and Crobot Muzik; gaining lots of notoriety for his eclectic taste in music, and unique production skills.



Medley | April 2012 Feature

Medley has been a fixture in the local Miami scene as a supporter, promoter and DJ for close to two decades. She is the driving force behind Subterranean Industry and Geishaz.com, two entities responsible for booking promoting and recruiting a wide variety of artists and DJ's and helping preserve underground music preservation and communication.


Robert Cosmic - March 2012 Feature

Robert Cosmic needs no introduction! Undoubtedly by now you have bumped into his music at some point along your daily Electro travels; whether it is on Battery Park Studio, Shameless Toady, or Subsonic Device, this Spanish artist has been delivering a steady supply of classy Techno Bass productions right to your door, with a very unique vibe, and a relentless dose of funkiness that is sure to please.


The Hidden Persuader | February 2012 Feature

TOP SECRET:A dossier has been leaked and acquired by the TechnoBass Spybots on the artist "The Hidden Persuader". They have recently hacked into the Persuader's data files, and acquired a live set direct from his studio, which can be decoded, downloaded, and listened to for your cerebral stimulation, here on TechnoBass.net, or your favorite secret location.

Skeme | January 2012 Feature

As one of Global Funk Radio's true purveyors of the Techno Bass and Electro Funk sounds through his show "Nubreed", Skeme has been an undying force within our scene, passionately promoting our music through the cyberwaves all around the world.


Deemphasis ( Live ) | December 2011 Feature

After much success with his last release, "Mechanical Beats", on his newly founded label Ukonx Recordings, Deemphasis returns with his first-ever Technobass.net feature, recorded live in his studio in France and now available for free download. You cannot sleep on this magnificent ride through the dark and majestic underworld that is Deemphasis' music.


DJ Stingray | November 2011 Feature

DJ Stingray simply needs no introduction. His countless releases on labels like Mo Wax, Rephlex, and his own, Micron Audio Detroit, under his various pseudonyms, have made him one of the most critically acclaimed Techno Bass artists of the last decade.


Up Digital | October 2011 Feature

Barry Forbes, aka Up Digital, carries within his very core the true and genuine love and passion for electronic music. Influenced early on as a youngster via the likes of Kraftwerk, he began to attend events in his teenage years, and during the 90s began to arrange and promote a club night in Glasgow called, "Seventh City", which focused on the glowing music of Detroit, Sheffield, and Eindhoven.


Agent2 | September 2011 Feature

Rebel Intelligence's Agent2 is back with his third Technobass.net feature since 2004, this time featuring some of the newest vinyl releases by Versalife, Morphology, Boris Divider, Clatterbox, Adopta, Hardfloor, and many more!








N-ter - August 2011 Feature

For the past 11 years, Bojan Jascur aka N-ter, has been ravaging dancefloors and sound systems across the globe with his incredibly majestic, soulful, and hard hitting Techno Bass styles.