Alavux | March 2013 Feature

Taking some time off from his busy schedule in the studio, Alavux presents his first-ever Technobass.net feature, with a mix jam-packed with many of your favorite Alavux original productions and remixes. Going back as far as the mid 2000's, you will hear the great progression the artist has made over the years, and just how good it keeps on getting.


Give this one a try, you will not be disappointed!





Pip Williams - February 2013 Feature

Pip Williams, Shameless Toady mastermind, and phenomenon who took the Techno Bass scene by storm over the past couple years, brings us his first-ever featured mix for Technobass.net, including many upcoming Toady releases, as well as previous works published on the label by artists like Microslav, Giuseppe Mereu, Defekt, Koova, and many others.



A # | January 2013 Feature

Exactly two years ago, we had the honor of inviting one of Detroit's finest up and coming DJ's to Technobass.net. Now also sitting in the producer's chair, A Sharp returns with a wild start to the year with this blinding mix, featuring works by Alpha 606, Dark Vektor, Novamen, Sync 24, and many more. Get it now, you won't be disappointed!












Lb.IP - December 2012 Feature

Lb.IP returns to Technobass.net with his second feature, this time blending in some of the latest and greatest from compilations such as Advanced Funk Vol. 2, and Electro Compendium, as well as recent E.P.'s by artists like Deemphasis, MicroControlUnit, and GROW. Don't miss this incredible mix by one of Global Funk Radio's longest running DJ's!





Rogue Frequency | November 2012 Feature

Rogue Frequency is back for his second Technobass.net feature, this time rocking out some live jams, as well as some of his material from his most recent releases on Binalog Productions, and Takeover Recordings, as well as material from his 2010 12" release, "Dark Technologies".


DJ Di'jital | October 2012 Feature

DJ Di'jital returns for his second Technobass.net feature, with more of his turntablist funk. A jam-packed Detroit extravaganza for your listening pleasure, straight from one of the originators of Detroit's Second Wave. Check out tracks by Model 500, Aux 88, Aaron Carl, Posatronix, and Aquanauts in this high-energy mix!











NorthBay | September 2012 Feature

Hailing from York, UK, Northbay have made a great start for themselves on the infamous label Militant Science, with the release of the "Analogue Ham E.P.". Consisting of Edd Stephens ( Smashback, Trode ), and Lib Wilson, these two highly-driven artists envision production in a very unique and eclectic way, aiming to not just release music that is relevant today, but relevant tomorrow!


Eric Emz | August 2012 Feature

Taking some time out from his busy schedule working in the studio, Eric Emz returns for his second Technobass.net feature, this time hailing from his home state of Texas, with another one of his eclectic, and masterful mixes.



Mad Wax | July 2012 Feature

As a veteran of the Electro Bass genre, DJ mad Wax has been a huge pillar of support for our scene, with one of the longest running Electro sites and projects, "Vocode", and in the past few years, the crucial blog "City Of Bass", where one can find tons of info on new releases, software/hardware releases, artist interviews, and much more.


Proliferation | June 2012 Feature

If you have been keeping up with the recent releases by iNHUMAN dESIGNED, then you are no stranger to the mastermind behind the project, Proliferation, who for some years now, has been consistently performing around the Florida region with his partner and mentor, Kounterakt, also releasing the "Destroy The Peace", and "Anti-Life" E.P.'s, along with his collaboration with JR10 as, "Society Of Sin", on the "Robot Throwdown E.P.".