Victoria Lukas | November 2014 Feature

Victoria Lukas might seem like an upcoming figure in the Electro scene, but the reality is that her career has become quite extensive and from the start very much within circles who have been pioneers to this music, especially the Techno Bass sound.


Steve Allman | October 2014 Feature

One of the most exciting additions to UK powerhouse Cultivated Electronics has been English composer and producer Steve Allman. Clearly influenced by the sounds of Detroit, his sound oozes with classy, soulful Techno Bass magic that is really nice to hear these days.


Andrew Red Hand | September 2014 Feature

Releasing on some of the most iconic Detroit labels, Romanian Electro Bass master Andrew Red Hand is one of the most devout members of the Techno Bass militia, spreading the sounds of the music not just through his releases, but also his label-published DJ mixes, featured on Bass Agenda Recordings, Underground Resistance, as well Detroit Techno Militia.


Meka - August 2014 Feature

Rising Spanish Electro producer Meka records his first ever Technobass.net feature, blending ever so gracefully the works of fellow Spanish artists like Korrupted Brothers, Dark Vektor, Javier Morillas, and Boris Divider to name a few, as well as titles by Blastromen, Franck Kartell, Scape One, and Mr. Velcro Fastener.

Nexus 6 - July 2014 Feature

Long time veteran and infamous Electro reviewer from the days of the classy and iconic "Atome.de" webzine, as well as Electro Alliance, Nexus 6 delivers his first Technobass.net feature since joining the team last year as our head reviewer and all around lover and supporter of all things Electro! 


Maxx Watts Vs. Messiah | June 2014 Feature

This month we bring you our first back 2 back mix featuring 2 of South Florida's most notorious Electro Bass purveyors: Maxx Watts, and Messiah.

Culture Deaf | May 2014 Feature

Long time friend and supporter Juanjo Valero aka Culture Deaf, a key player in the Electronic music scene of Southern Spain, records a fabulous mix featuring some of his own eclectic and incredible works, as well as new releases, recent classics, and a preview of some of the songs that will be on the upcoming album by the newly re-united duo Sbles3plex.


Don't sleep on this one, this feature has been a long time coming, and its well worth the wait! 

DJ Deckstrous | April 2014 Feature

Taking time away from his busy schedule with productions for Borg Recordings, as well as his weekly radio show on Global Funk Radio's "The Vital Groove", DJ Deckstrous aka Steven McQueen records a fabulous mix of recent releases by artists like Uni-Mate, EPG, PL_anet, Debonaire, Freek Macheen, as well as some of his own works.


Franck Kartell | March 2014 Feature

Rising French Techno Bass composer and producer Franck Kartell needs no introduction.

E-Rocker - February 2014 Feature

This month we pay homage to Electro Funk with a fantastic mix by E-Rocker, City Beat Records artist and German producer on the non stop quest to keep the funk alive! This gem of a collection features songs by Thomas Kress, DBS, DJ Hash, Freak Force Crew, Downrocks, Maggotron, and many more including his remix of "Dance Transformer Evolution" by Mega Jon Bass! Don's miss out on this special feature this month.