Binalog Frequency | September 2015 Feature

For a man who doesn't sleep or eat unless it is synthetic overtones, by now what we have seen from Binalog Frequency are several years of high-octane output under his various pseudonyms, as well as that of many of the best artists in the scene from around the world with integrity and dedication to the sound.


Wizdum - August 2015 Feature

Wizdum aka “Wiz” is no stranger to our scene.

James Wolfe | July 2015 Feature

James Wolfe is one of those guys that really needs no introduction, but just in case you haven't kept up with the last nearly 20 years of Electro Bass history, we will give you the scoop on this fascinating Florida artist with years upon years of experience as a DJ, Producer, and Label Owner.


DJ JV | June 2015 Feature

DJ JV has been creating music and mixes since 1998, his genres including Techno, House, Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, and of course...Electro Bass! 


Andy Barton | May 2015 Feature

A man who needs no introduction, Andy Barton is by now, a prolific figure in our scene who supports all that we do with his illustrious radio show "Bass Agenda" on Future Music (UK), Cue Radio (Paris), as well as 313 Live (Detroit), not to mention his equally illustrious Bass Agenda Recordings; which by now has released a plethora of names ranging from Will Web,

DJ Xed - April 2015 Feature

DJ Xed returns to Technobass.net with one of his high-energy mixes full of the latest and greatest songs coming out of the scene recently.

AE35 | March 2015 Feature

At this point, AE35 is a name that needs no further introduction....but in case you don't know, let us tell you a little bit about this fantastic Electro Bass artist from Japan.

Amper Clap | February 2015 Feature

If you haven't heard of Amper Clap, member of German powerhouse Battery Park Studio, then let us introduce you to this incredibly talented Spanish DJ, Producer, and Electronic music lover since...forever!

DJ Di'jital | January 2015 Feature

The mind of the master returns to Technobass.net as DJ Di'jital signs his 3rd feature to date, featuring all them cuts, scratches, and beat juggles just the way you like 'em.

Laris Maker | December 2014 Feature

If you haven't caught the latest buzz coming out of Spain, then you'd probably love to hear the new exclusive Techno Bass and Electro Funk radio show streamed via Contacto Sintetico and Intergalactic FM, hosted by none other than Laris Maker; an upcoming local female DJ in the Spanish Electro scene, and all around lover and supporter of true underground Electro music.