MEJLE - September 2016 Feature

If you haven't been keeping up, MEJLE has been a name making his rounds around the continental Europe with live DJ sets at many clubs and festivals playing alongside DJ Hell, Komarken Electronics, and DJ Glow to name but a few; primarily at the infamous Mechatronica parties.

Dagobert presents MasterArp - August 2016 Feature

Dagobert has been without question, one of the most mysterious, yet exciting names to watch over the past 15 years.

Kristina - June 2016 Feature

As one of the most successful female DJs in Spain, Kristina; formerly known as Missy Karma, delivers her first TechnoBass feature displaying the kind of unique affinity for our music that has driven her conquest of 15 years as one the most dedicated female DJs in Europe.

Fleck E.S.C. - May 2016 Feature

Fleck E.S.C., the French via Japan purveyor of dark Electro Bass sounds, signs his first-ever TechnoBass feature with a heart-pounding blend of live improvised sounds and beats, as well as a couple of his previously released songs on labels CHP and Anti Gravity Device. 


Mr. Myoplast - April 2016 Feature

This month we have the special privilege of featuring a very musically diverse artist in our scene, and that is Mr. Myoplast. With a small, but strong discography on labels like Japanese "Anti-Gravity Device", and UK powerhouse Militant Science, Mr. Myoplast has been on a non-stop quest to spread the sounds of Electro Music to the masses with keen determination.


Rebus - March 2016 Feature

Rebus is one of the great Electro purveyors in the country of Greece. In 2002, he  decided to move to Athens to establish himself, departing from his hometown of Chania, in the mesmerizing island of Crete. Having played at some of the most notorious venues in the capital city like Bios, Inoteka, Wunderbar and Cafeina, Rebus has also collaborated in some very special projects like the infamous duo "Metrics", not to mention Lostra (Novox), K.atou, 12 Tones, and Spiros Kaloumenos.

Ari B. - February 2016 Feature

Ari B. is one of the true die-hard Electro Bass and Funk enthusiasts pushing the sound in his country of Iceland, where he resides in the capital city of Reykjavik. But his tastes go even further, as he is truly an Electronic music aficionado, not held back by genrefications or formulas. His love aside from his family and nature, is that of music, period! 


Alpine Electric | January 2016 Feature

Adam Roche aka Alpine Electric signs his first-ever mix for the site, featuring tracks by Dynamix II, The Exaltics, Luke Slater, Novamen, LFO, and many more!!! A great journey through the soundscapes of some of the best releases of the past 30 years; mixed on vinyl, and with class and passion, spanning many styles!


Leandro Gore | December 2015 Feature

After finishing up with the release of his new "Electronomia" EP, with partner Rafael Isnik on their imprint "Urban Dance Records", the Lux 4 Attack "Mad Vocalist" records his first-ever TechnoBass feature to date and with much anticipation. 


DJ Dope-E | November 2015 Feature

If you are looking for old school Electro Funk, mixed with some of today's hottest Techno Bass records, then look no further than this jewel of a mix by L.A. based DJ Dope-E! Featuring a never heard track by Dr.