Computron - December 2017 Feature

Computron, a duo composed of Electro brothers Chris Purcell, and Joseph Lepkowski deliver this special set for your listening pleasure.

Download Computron December 2017 Feature

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Order of the Muffin - October 2017 Feature

Order of the Muffin, long time project of Nikola Zhevairoski, is a name that many have become quite familiar with over the past few years.

N-ter - September 2017 Feature

Long-time friend of the TechnoBass family, N-ter, returns for his 2nd feature since 2011! Busy over the years with his music career, having spent some time in Detroit working alongisde DJ Godfather, and recently relocating to the metropolis of London, this devout purveyor of Electro music continues building upon his legacy with tunes, talent and soul to spare on labels like Crobot Muzik, Body Control, and his newly founded El

DJ Mirage | July 2017 Feature

DJ Mirage has been a long-time purveyor of Hip Hop. Starting back in 1983, his passion for the Electro Funk sound in particular, and that of Breakdance, Graffitti, and the overall vibe that encompassed the early B-Boy culture would see him eventually rise to becoming one of the masters of the sound, going on to release on labels such as Streetsounds; where he did the mastermixes for both Nu Electro Vol. 2 and 3.

Unité November - June 2017 Feature

French Electro artist Unité November, who recently released the wonderful Kraftwerkian "G.T.I." 12" reviewed here, delivers for us an incredible exclusive live set displaying the raw and powerful sound of this artist to look for. 


Soundex Phonetic - May 2017 Feature

Soundex Phonetic, Scottish Techno Bass purveyor with many releases across the scene on labels such as Militant Science, Body Control, No Divide, Transient Force, and Tudor Beats, is a name we are all familiar with at this point.

g13ck - April 2017 Feature

Hailing from beautiful Mexico, long-time veteran of the Electro Bass scene with his collective Anti-Zero, as well as his label Aztlán, g13ck aka Dann Vela, is a devout purveyor of our music, conscious to the current times and on a mission to spread a message of positivity and the need to come together through music and dance.

DJ Dope-E | February 2017 Feature

DJ Dope-E returns with another blinding West Coast mix full of that flavor you just won't find anywhere else. Busy in studio since his last appearance, he has been working hard compiling his debut album which is gonna truly raise more than a few eyebrows. This guy has all bases covered, and knows his stuff from top to bottom. Stay tuned for that! For now?

Nexus 23 - January 2017 Feature

Following on the footsteps of his warmly welcomed release on Bass Agenda Recordings called "Escape" (reviewed recently here); not to mention a couple of hard-hitting releases on UK imprint Borg Recordings, Nexus 23 delivers a punishing, yet classy selection of music that compiles not just the harsher sounds we ar

Robertiano Filigrano - December 2016 Feature

If you've done a good job over the past couple years keeping up with many of the great digital compilations that have come out, then perhaps you have become familiar with Robertiano Filigrano.