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Vocode interview

Cheers : I was speaking with Santino and he's said you might be
down to do an interview for my "conversations with" series of
articles I'm doing on the City of Bass Electro Blog [Dispatches
form Vocode Project] if you can provide HQ promo pictures that will
help the articles pop. Studio pictures are great as well, and
pictures from your city/daily life (ie something you feel
comfortable sharing). Email is

Record Reviews

Brand new Warsaw imprint "Get The Balance Right!", in reference to Depeche Mode, returns with a compilation of refined Electro/Techno tracks featuring the label owner himself, Ever Moving, plus two g… Edit »

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2010 Artist Highlight | DJ Di'jital

July 2010 Artist Highlight | DJ Di'jital: Truly an old school
Techno Bass jewel, DJ Di'jital has been a key player in the
development of what some call the "Second Generation" of Detroit
Techno. H… "">Read More »