Urban Connections: The Fourth Phase

The 4th chapter in the "Urban Connections" series, self-entitled after the netlabel's name, is finally here, and with a very nice roster of artists. If you didn't know, Urban Connections is an effort of Spanish artist Amper Clap, along with the worldwide collaboration of the great artists we have in our scene, that offers you a great display of the kind of talent we have around...all for free! 


DJ Debbie D - Like Dat

Unless you grew up in Florida, then you may not realize that at one point, what people consider "Electro" and Breaks, were one in the same for many people. Partygoers during the height of the Rave era would often get to enjoy a myriad of old school Electro Funk and Bass classics, mixed with many songs newly released clearly influenced by the sound while attending an event.

Carlos Native - B.I.O.N.E.T.

If you have been keeping up with the incredible works from Spanish duo Tainted Cell, made up of Carlos Native and Helga Lima, then you are probably well aquainted with the kind of musical genius that these two are capable of. Brooding, mysterious, atmospheric, and consciously aware of the illusions of reality in a fairly dramatic way; reminiscent of the works of Anthony Rother, yet sitting in their own cold, desolate space where the two seem to thrive best.

Vaimler - Zephyr

Gotthard Ortner's label returns with a brand new artist in its roster. Hailing from cold Canada, enigmatic Vaimler introduces with "Zephyr", his debut EP and I reckon his music is on the opposite of the climate of Vancouver where the man lives.


Displaying warm modulations over pounding beats, the title track serves up, after a short vocodered overture, a frantic tune calibered for the dancefloor. Ace!


Illektrolab - Illahertz

Should we introduce once again Satamile meka Jason McCracken aka Illektrolab? Except for a handful of appearances on Bass Agenda (a cameo with Andy Barton) or on his own Advanced Robotiks, the Electro veteran from Phoenix, Arizona, was rather discreet since his latest "Robots Destroy" EP back in 2012 on Duality.

Dmitry Distant/Lectromagnetique - Bass Agenda Recordings 039

Bass Agenda Recordings celebrates its fourth vinyl release to date! Following the musical roughness of Alavux's "Octagon" EP, the London based label heads for Eastern Europe to explore the gloomy universe of Russian Dmitry Distant (Beläten, Killerrec) and regular BA signature from Ukraine Ivan Margolin aka Lectromagnetique (Transient Force). The result, available in the form of a hot red marble split 12", an EP that takes no prisoners!


Dynamik Bass System - Computer Brain

Dynamik Bass System returns on their imprint Robot Machine Records, with "Computer Brain". A 2-track digital release featuring everything we have come to expect from this amazing duo....classy, forward-thinking Electro Funk, full of emotive synths, and rich vocoder action. Going back to the roots full strength here, DBS takes us back to the beginnings of our music before evolving into the Techno Bass sound, with slower BPMs and funky grooves that get you moving from the get go.

T. Linder - Liver Noise

Detroit Techno Militia strikes again with a punishing selection of remixes, based on a fierce original written and produced by head honcho Tom Linder. Introducing us to "Liver-Noise", what at first sounds like a medical problem, is actually; while a bizarre theme indeed, an abstract project that offers an eclectic display of the kind of talent that the city of Detroit breeds; whether directly or indirectly.

Amper Clap - Evil EP

While everybody still has in mind his recent "Sands Of Time" EP published a few months ago on AMP, Amper Clap returns with another self-release of high quality Electro. The current 8 tracker from the unstoppable Spanish cyborg deserves its title. Surely "Evil" introduces an evolution in Sergio Checa's music and a new artistic direction, but it sticks to a dark sound which is Amper Clap's trademark.


MMT-8 - Sequencer EP

Here comes an unexpected collaboration between two UK Electro veterans. Infamous Ed DMX, author since 1996 of a prolific discography on labels such like Rephlex, Central Processing Unit, Last Known Trajectory or his own Breakin' Records and Fresh Up Records, has teamed up with Cultivated Electronic mastermind Sync 24 (Touchin' Bass, Fundamental) to inaugurate their MMT-8 side project!