Info_Cifon - Rhinopias Frondosa

With "Rhinopias Frondosa", Info_Cifon aka The Interrogator, signs his third EP to date on UK Access Tonal Communications. Follow up to his previous "Interrogations EP" and "Cerebral Structures" respectively published in 2010 and 2012, the mysterious artist delivers here a mighty five tracker ranging from pure bleepy to more abstract tonalities.


V/A - Theme Of Electro Empire

Dominance Electricity inaugurates its brand new sub-label Electro Empire Records and goes digital this month with the reissue of a classic from 2003! At that time, the international online community and resource for Old School and New School Electro music, established by Rascal in 1998, invited artists from all over the world to participate to a musical competition and create Electro Empire songs.

dynArec - Silver Tourist

Really, dynArec is everywhere! Author last month of a brilliant "Exomove E.P. (Elektronische Werke Part 1)" for Solar One Music, Chris Kalera succeeds on Bass Agenda Recordings to another French artist (Franck Kartell and his highly recommended "Afterlife" opus) to deliver a generous 16 track album!


AE35 - Special Pattern

Having left Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings, the label he co-founded back in 2004 because of a divergence of vision with his partners, Yosuke Ikeda (Battery Park Studio, Fdb Recordings, Crobot Muzik, ) introduces today the debut release of his brand new electro label "Anti Gravity Device".


Model Citizens - The Loud Minority

Celebrating the tenth release of the French mighty label Fdb Recordings, associated this time with Paris located records shop Toolbox, Bass Junkie (Breakin', Touchin'Bass) has teamed up with Matthew Whitehead (Perc Trax Limited, Rebel Intelligence) to introduce the debut EP of their brand new musical band Model Citizens.


Blastromen - Reality Opens

The Blastromen are back! That's right boys and girls, the popular outer-space duo has returned from the depths of the Universe, with "Reality Opens", their second album to date, and chuck full o' all that retrofuturistic funk, inspiring melodic arrangements, and enigmatic vocals that have made the Blastromen a 21st Century favorite in the Electro Bass and Funk sub-genres.

Scape One - Planetoid

Following Pip Williams' 12" titled "Mode#7" in October, Kurt Baggaley under his fame Scape One pseudo signs the second reference of the brand new and mysterious label Brokntoys. "Planetoid" offers an experience through the depth of the galaxy.

Novo - I Flee E.P.

Better known for his electro releases on labels such like Psi49net, GenComProdukts International or Black Montanas, Laurent Boudic aka NÖVÖ signs today a serious preview of his up and coming "Zeitgeist" 4th full length album, to be published in April on Alfa-Matrix.

V/A - World Electronix Vol. 4

Good things always come to a end, unfortunately! CE achieves brilliantly this month its "World Electronix" saga with another milestone of an episode. After three successful compilations featuring Carl Finlow, Morphology, The Exaltics, Boris Divider, JTC, Gosub, Versalife, CRC, & DeFeKT, this latest and last installment in the series kicks off with E.R.P's "Burp", a stunning track that begins with an urban touch to turn then into an electro dancefloor killer.

A # - A Glimpse Into The Future

Aztlán proves that Electro has no boundaries and even comes from the most unexpected countries worldwide.