Amper Clap - Human Exterminated E.P.

Spain counts numerous Electro talents among other pioneers like Boris Divider and Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor, but also Weapons Of Bass Destruction, or Spectrum Data Forces just to name a few. Amper Clap belongs to the new generation of producers emerging since 2005 on the underground electronic scene. Follow up to the highly recommended two tracker E.P.

Project X - The Resurrection

Zero One Music returns, this time with a special collaboration with Matrix Records out of Detroit with "Project X - The Resurrection". As you may know, Matrix Records is where Will Web, founder of Zero One, made his debut back in 1995 as Mr. Bill, so this collaboration is very special indeed given the fact Web had stopped making music for some time, and is now back in full effect!


Mike Ash - Human Downfall E.P.

How about some harsh bass pounding Electro beats? In the prolongation of his essential "UFO3030" album in November 2013 on Bass Agenda Recordings, Mike Ash's brand new four tracker on Borg Recordings continues the artist's quest to find out unknown lifeforms on Earth.

dynArec - Harmonic Knight

Fleck E.S.C, Umwelt, Franck Kartell, The Hacker, Jauzas The Shining, just to name but a few...Really the french electro artist touched sails before the wind, multiplying releases over the last few months on some of the best electro labels of the moment!

V/A - World Electronix Remixes

London based Electro label Cultivated Electronics completes the four chapter of its mighty "World Electronix" saga with a brand new remix E.P. Since 2012, the series has brought under the strobes some of the finest Electro producers of the moment including Shad T.

The Outsider - Invitation To Space

The Outsider returns on new Tokyo label "Anti-Gravity Device", this time with the dark and emotive "Invitation To Space". As the artist himself explains: “These days, whenever I touch my synths and other gear, I feel like I'm being taken on a trip into space. I always feel like I'm doing this kind of space travel, so if the listener can experience a bit of this feeling too, that's cool.

Q-Chip - Difference that Makes a Difference

German Solar One Music returns with the second chapter of its brand new "Electronische Werke" series. Succeeding to French dynArec, promising Q-Chip delivers here his debut EP, in the steps of his noticeable "Split LP" released in 2012 along with Cestrian (Ali Renault) on Bunker Records.


Lektroid - Quantum Theory

Lektroid is back! Classy and spacey Electro Funk master Richard Elliot returns with his next self-released album called "Quantum Theory", 14 songs ( these are not "tracks" ;) ) full of deeply emotive soundscapes, futuristic and skillful programming, and superb production, that will take you on a mystifying cosmic ride through the unknown layers of the Multi-verse. 


V/A - Don't Stop Da Bass Vol. 1

There seems to be no shortage of talent and great releases coming out of Spain over the past decade, and this latest release kicking things off for Electroclub Records is a prime example of the kind of amazing craftmanship you will hear from these artists.

Umwelt - Planeta De Mujeres

Following his "Realité Virtuelle" digital release in September, New Flesh Records mastermind returns with a self-published 12" on his own imprint.