Phonotronix - In-Sub-Ord-In-Ate

Phonotronix is back ladies and gentlemen, and in their small hiatus a lot has happened: their sound has evolved, darker and more complex, their personal perception towards the music reinvented as they themselves have triumphed over many obstacles to get to this point. Are you ready for some serious insubordination?

Dmitry Distant - Closer Than Tears E.P.

The ninth release of the "Bass Agenda Presents" series highlighted last month a growing artist hailing from Russia. Author of a handful yet promising discography on labels such like Killerrec or Belätren, Dmitry Distant aka Distant Visions offered a wonderful and dramatic electro EP on the UK imprint.


Sbassship - Gegen Den Rest - Remastered (10th Anniversary)

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of "Gegen Den Rest", Dominance Electricity goes digital this month with the reissue of this classic monster from the label owner Sbassship himself, in a fully remastered version.


Robodrum - Audio Aggressor E.P.

Following essential "Sick Frequencies EP" under his Psychobot moniker on Electropunkz, Przemek Kuduk aka Electromonter aka Robodrum joins Body Control Records forces to sign a mighty six tracker and probably his most successful release to date!


Umwelt - Cultures Of Resistance E.P.

Making a temporary infidelity to his New Flesh Records and Rave Or Die imprints, French electro activist Umwelt (Drivecom, Satamile, Kommando 6) signs today the 25th reference of Shipwrec. Each release from this mighty Netherlands based label is a collector and the "Cultures Of Resistance EP" is no different.


Ascension Électronique - Harmonic Defiance ( The Remixes )

Two years in the making but long awaited follow up to Ascension Électronique's concept album "Harmonic Defiance" is finally here! Featuring a plethora of heavyweight remixers including Dexorcist (Control Tower, Battle Trax), Mandroid (Breakin’ Records, Dominance Electricity), Sbles3plex (Djax-Up-Beats, Fundamental Bass Intelligence), Rogue Frequency (Binalog>>>P

Workerpoor and Andrew Claristidge - Falklands War

Battery Park Studios out of Germany returns with their next installment, this time featuring up and coming artists "Workerpoor" and Andrew Claristidge. Also featuring remixes by Luke Eargoggle, Thomas Kress, and David Carreta, this E.P. aims to get into the heavy stuff with determination, and a touch of soulfulness that you will really appreciate. 


Binalog Frequency - Forward

Binalog Frequency returns on his iconic imprint Binalog Productions with "Forward", an 11-track album full of Funk, versatility, and vision....the kind of vision that can put things into forward-motion! Let's go.

Supreme.ja - DM13

Old school Electro Bass master Supreme.Ja returns, this time with "DM13 - The Album", 14 songs full of punchy 808s, roaring basslines, devious vocoders, deranged synthetik calculations, and mystifying synth lines that uplift the mind and spirit. 


Mr. Myoplast - The Land Of The Blind

You may have already heard about Ben Wehunt as a label owner, thanks to a handful of successful releases including the essential "Global Systems Vol.1" compilation, and the recent "Departing The Hourglass" album from Analogous Doom published on his own Body Control Records. But Mr.