Resting Cell - Hypothalamic Replacement

The gyroscopic label Anti Gravity Device from Japan, returns after a short break with another milestone of an E.P., this time from electronic and Acid Techno producer "Resting Cell", hailing from Cleveland OH, USA, .


Bass Agenda Presents #10: Noamm & Miss Noir - Plasma Wave EP

Their dark dress code could let us think that Noamm & Miss Noir come from the Gothic scene., but their music tells us something completely different: the band hailing from Greece has been largely influenced by synthesizers music, from EBM, to New Wave passing through New Beat.


Code Rising - Give Us Some Space EP

In the prolongation of their "Nightriders E.P." published a month ago, the South Florida based duo, Matt "Ronon" Lancaster and Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, hits hard with another nasty Electro Bass E.P. of their trademark.



The U.K. Electro imprint founded in 2009 by Lloyd Da Zoid (Dominance Electricity) and Diplomat (Electrolab), is back with a vengeance after a break of three years!


Following the still highly recommended "Galactic Funk - Constellations L.P." back in 2011, Electro Avenue's seventh release offers another conceptual 2x12" vinyl opus based upon Time, contrary to the previous release which was dealing with Space.


V/A - Reconstructing Thessaloniki

Hailing from Greece, brand new Remote Influence brings you an imperative collection of unique Electro material from emerging and established artists worldwide.

V/A - Don't Stop Da Bass Vol. 3

Electroclub Barcelona returns with their 3rd volume in the "Don't Stop Da Bass" compilations, this time featuring veteran Spanish Electro master Dark Vektor, along with Serbian mastermind Alavux, not to mention the talented and up and coming producers Amper Clap, The Bandit, and Meka.

Binalog Frequency - MetaMan (Sampler)

Binalog Frequency returns with a 5-track sampler from "MetaMan", the artists's upcoming full-length album, here available as a sort of "kickstarter" type fundraiser for what will be a 4 panel digipak CDr album.

AL355|0 - Presence In Absence

Body Control keeps on surprising us release after release! Following the very fresh and funky Jerry La Flim album at the end of 2014, the Atlanta based imprint goes insane with a dark six tracker limited CD from promising artist Alessio Bargiacchi aka AL355|0.


Fleck E.S.C - Nice Guy EP

After a remarkable appearance on Japanese Anti Gravity Device with the "Voodoo Modem E.P." last year, Franck Collin aka Fleck E.S.C. invests this month on Billy Nasty’s infamous UK Electrix Recordings.


The "Nice Guy E.P." sees the Tokyo based French activist delivering dancefloor oriented Electro weapons in his typical trademark characterized by refined synth programming, powerful beats, and effective bass tonalities.


Amper Clap - The Domain Of The Mind EP

Prolific Spanish Mecha Amper Clap (Battery Park Studio, Alivelab) is back with another milestone of a self-release! In the prolongation of his "The Dome EP" by the end of 2014, amazing "The Domain Of The Mind EP" offers a journey into Sergio Checa's brain.