V/A - Transatlantic Technologies

Joint venture between two prolific labels, UK Electo Bass Agenda Recordings & US Techno Urban Kickz Recordings, better known as UKR, eclectic "Transatlantic Technologies" EP sees the celebration of the London imprint's 40th release! No need to introduce Bass Agenda Recordings, 'cause if you follow us, you might have read regular reviews about the imprint here.

Thomas Kress - Electrophonic Machine

Launched in 2015 by Brazilian veterans Marcelo Lazzari a.k.a. DJ Marcelo and Fernando Mendes a.k.a. FERO, Tropical Underground aims to shuffle a little bit of fresh air on the electronic scene, distilling nothing but vanguard sounds to the masses.

Kretz - We Are Crispy

Kretz returns on his recently founded imprint "Encrypted Records", hot on the heels of the punishing "You Are Time Consuming"; this time with "We Are Crispy", a 2-track digital download available on the artist's Bandcamp page. Featured on remix duties this time around is Spanish purveyor Amper Clap, along with Kretz's original version; both tunes which are simply deranged and menacing, driven with tenacity and ready to seriously devastate some dancefloors.


N-Ter - Holodiction

Crobot Muzik founder N-Ter signs his debut album on Atlanta based Body Control Records. The label celebrates its twentieth release to date with a double CD, featuring on the second slice of plastic some mighty remixes from a plethora of renowned Electro producers.


Vronsky - Thieves Of Time

Michael Vronsky returns! Originally conceived as the solo project of Nestor Carmona from the "Electromagnetica" family in Spain, New North Records compiles here 4 new eclectic Electro songs for the artists' debut to the label as "Vronsky"; ranging from the dark and moody, to uplifting and mystifying. Called "Thieves Of Time", this great display of the kind of talent we have witnessed evolve over the past couple of years is a beacon of something very special.

Ohverclock - Tecknowledgy

One year after their last appearance on CHP Recordings, Adam "GROW" Wilson and half of Code Rising Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips celebrate their great return with a brand new digital output! In the prolongation of their "Sagittal Future" and "Land Of The Fee Home Of The Slave" releases, the US duo delivers today two orchestral cuts calibered for the dancefloor, drawing their inspiration in horror and B movies from the 60's.


Fleck E.S.C - Slime Master

"Slime Master" marks the second appearance of unstoppable Fleck E.S.C on Bass Agenda Recordings, following his remix for The Bokanovsky Process in 2013. Play-listed by Laurent Garnier himself, the EP delivers an intense four tracker in the vein of the prolific Tokyo based French artist whose most recent works can be found on Electrix, Anti Gravity Device or CHP Recordings just to name a few.



Viennese Electro label run by DJ Glow returns with the final chapter of its TRUSTXV trilogy, which saw a plethora of prestigious appearances including the label's regular signatures like Dez Williams, Stingray 313, Biepang, Scape One, Microthol, Vc-118a, Matti Turunen, Clatterbox, and Lok44.

Kretz - Machina Pop Pro Populus

Kretz returns on his very own Plonk imprint with a beautiful masterpiece of 4 melancholic and soulful tunes called "Machina Pop Pro Populus". This insightful journey into Kret'z compassionate and awakened mind is nothing short of stupendous. We are huge fans of Plonk and Kretz here at TechnoBass, and while not all their releases fall into that genre, we certainly love to cover all angles and bring you the best that pure uncut Electro music has to offer.

Kretz - You Are Time Consuming

The unstoppable Kretz returns, this time with the EP "You Are Time Consuming" on sub-label to his Plonk Imprint, "Encrypted Records". Featuring a remix by Maschine Brennt, this release kicks into Warp Drive as the menacing beats and mind-bending melodies and loops you'll find here take you on a serious journey through the soundscapes of this incredible artist.