Sbles3plex was originally formed by Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor, and David Farrell. The duo got together back in 1995 in the city of Terrasa, a small place in the region of Catalonia not far from Barcelona. Putting together small home studios with vintage synthesizers and drum machines, Sbles3plex went on to sign to Djax Up Beats, the infamous European Techno label that has released an incredibly vast catalog of Electro and Techno artists.


There probably isn't a single person that likes, and truly understands Electro that does not know the name Drexciya. It has become a staple name for anyone that has been into this music for years or is just getting into it. Drexciya's influence on this style of music was so profound, that it's true effects will not be truly known for years to come.

Dynamix II

How can you have Techno Bass without Dynamix II? can't! The release of the record "Techno Bass/Feel The Bass" on Chaos Records, sparked a trend in the sound of Electro Funk that would see the fusion of Detroit Techno and Miami Bass, taking the sound to a whole new level not seen or thought of before.

Aux 88

To many, the name Aux 88 has long been synonymous with the term Techno Bass.


Some of the greatest things in life come from some very unexpected places, DJ XED is one of those things! having been exposed to the Electro Funk sound almost since its inception, the works of artists like Newcleus, World Class Wreckin' Crew, and Man Parrish had such an impact on him, hat he simply knew that this was the sound he was looking for.


Pretty Tony

Tony "Pretty Tony" Butler is a very mysterious producer. Working behind the scenes on productions that many people would perhaps be surprised that he was even involved in, he has helped lay the groundwork for the path that our music has taken over the years. From Freestyle to Debbie Deb, he has been the key component in some of Electro's hottest releases of the past.


For thousands of years, mankind has always been on the search for extraterrestrial life outside of our Solar System, finding very little evidence along the way...for the Blastromen, it's an everyday affair! Protected by their fighter shields, they have traveled the galaxies far and wide and our now here on Earth, injecting our planet's magnetic grid with an energy very alien to our way of life.