Bass Junkie

Phil Klein, aka Bass Junkie, has been releasing some of the most innovative and cutting edge music of the past 15 years, on labels like Breakin', Touchin' Bass, Parallax, Elektrix, along many others, also working under many aliases like iBorg, Gods Of Technology, IBM ( w/ Scott Weiser ), Cybernet Systems, Kronos Device, to name a few.


The Hidden Persuader

Ever since 2005, there has been an elusive, yet formidable force in the scene going by the name of "The Hidden Persuader".

Will Web

In our synthesized version of reality, Will Web is really quite an interesting figure. One who could perhaps best describe through his music, the deeper connection between Detroit and Miami, and why both cities helped "Electro" survive and evolve into the '90s and beyond.



Hailing from Helsinki, Finland; home to great acts such as Blastromen, Mr. Velcro Fastener, and Imatram Voima, the latest duo phenomena to hit the decks are none other than "Morphology".


As one of the true purveyors of the 90's revival of what is commonly referred to as Electro music, Dopplereffekt released a small, but highly influential catalog of Techno Bass releases, which ironically enough, went on to be featured on countless compilation on many international labels like Studio iK7, Databass, and Electrofunk Records.


Sync 24

Born Phil Bolland, Sync 24 has been on a relentless mission over the last decade to spread his uncanny style of Techno Bass to the masses, continuously expanding upon his own accomplishments, and always leaving the listener to wonder: "what will come next?"; sometimes even the occassional: "how does he do that?".



Few bands can be attributed with having such an everlasting and widespread influence over the many genres of music, primarily Hip Hop and Electronic music, as Newcleus can.


As one of the most exciting acts to come to the spotlight over the last couple of years, GROW continues to unleash a very unique sound to the masses, with his incredibly powerful, dark, and experimental Miami styled Techno Bass. Ultrasonic bass drops, intelligent edits, mesmerizing synth lines, and industrial vocals are but just a few things to notice about his music that stand out as being extraordinary.


Born Gerald C. Calliste Jr., Hashim  has been one of the most influential Electro-Funk producers of all time, with his particular style perhaps being the key factor in the evolution of the sound to its modern successor, "Electro Bass", or "Techno Bass".

Jeremiah Shaw

Jeremiah Shaw, formerly known as Torq, is a Detroit-born Techno and Electro/Techno Bass producer.