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One of the most interesting local scenes in the International Electro Bass and Funk genres is Florida. For decades it has been a pivotal force of influence that has clearly swayed with determination the direction that our history would take.

Mad Mike

Mike Banks aka "Mad Mike" is an American musician, responsible for the founding of the iconic Detroit Techno imprint "Underground Resistance" along with partner Jeff Mills, and the writing and production of most of the label's early releases.


Born Przemek Kuduk in the city of Szczecin, Poland, Robodrum came into being right at one of the most exciting times in music history: 1982! The birth year of Electro Funk, and Detroit Techno.


Getting their starts in the mid-80's as the mobile DJ crew "We Down Express", Afro-Rican is without question one of the most iconic of all the Miami Bass groups to come out during the genre's height.


Hailing out of Italy, Gabriel Aquillini, aka Gab.Gato has been a prevalent force in the Electro Funk and Techno Bass scene for many years now, appearing on countless E.P.s and compilations on labels like Electrolab and Dominance Electricity to name a few; not to mention his own "The Villains Inc.", which was founded in 2007.



X-ile is primarily the product of Marnita Harris, and LaToya Vaughn; produced by Tommy "Tom Tom" Hamilton of Aux 88, and published through Direct Beat during the label's later years. Though short-lived, and with a small discography, the duo ( or should we say trio ) left its mark with a bass-heavy foot print that shook floors all across the globe on various compilations, and as a weapon of choice to any DJ who understood what Techno Bass was all about.



Japanese Electro Bass producer Yosuke Ikeda, aka AE35 has been a prevalent force in the small, but highly talented Japanese Electro scene, with releases on iconic labels like FdB Recordings, and Crobot Muzik.


Scape One

Born and raised along the UK's South Coast, Kurt Baggaley aka Scape One, has been one of the most formidable forces in the scene for what really could be said to be over 30 years and counting.


Wild Planet

Debuting in 1992 on the famous Warp Records, Wild Planet aka Simon Hartley started off what has been an illustrious music career, releasing some of the finest Detroit-inspired Techno Bass to hit the bins in the past 20 years.


Bass 305

As a pivotal influence on the development of Intelligent Miami Bass, otherwise known as "Miami Techno Bass", Bass 305; founded by Mark and David Watson, would pave the way to not only one of the most influential Bass discographies, but also one of the most iconic music groups still in business.