Giuseppe Mereu

Italian composer and producer Giuseppe Mereu, an iconic figure with a unique story to tell about our music, rose to notoriety quickly after his debut release on Greek imprint Binalog Productions with "Human Robot", and followed by his first album "Elektrowelt"; a marvel of a record, showing exactly the kind of depth and vision that Giuseppe Mereu had for Electro Bas

Jackal & Hyde

Call it what you will: Electro, Electrocore, or even perhaps Techno Bass on hyperdrive. Whatever their music is to you, there is one thing everyone can agree on: Jackal & Hyde's sound in the late '90s was as much a catalyst for the 3rd wave of our music, as Dynamix II and groups like Aux 88 were to the continuation of Electro Funk as its Bass counterpart in the late '80s. 



Hailing from Serbia, Alavux is one of the purveyors of the Electro-Techno sound in his region of Eastern Europe, where together with his E75 crew, our music has been represented with passion and dedication for well over 20 years.

Jeff Mills

As one of the pioneers of the Detroit Techno scene, Jeff Mills is a superhero of sorts, not just in his local scene, but in the Electronic Music industry as a whole.


Jason McCracken aka "Illektrolab' is one of the more mysterious artists to come out of the highly-influential Satamile legacy; which even with a small discography under his belt, the iconic releases to come from this skilled programmer, producer, and even turntablist have made him a name to look for in the Techno Bass scene. Based around a heavy Sci-Fi aesthetic, where in dystopian times wars are fought via sound, Illektrolab's "Low Frequency Mind Control" technology becomes the wea

D.J. Jealous J.

One of the most famous Miami Bass artists perhaps you've never heard of is D.J. Jealous J. Having been in the Miami area not just during the height of Electro Funk, or the birth of Miami Bass, but also the subsequent evolution of the sound into its "Intelligent" counterpart, "Techno Bass" music, Jealous J.


Born Richard Elliott, Lektroid as we have come to know him, is no new face in the Electro scene. Starting out as a child who fell in love with the building of DIY synthesizers, he would eventually follow the path of least resistance and start writing his own music in the 80's, after years of being inspired by many of the sounds of the decade, as well as the devices he loved building.


As one of the most legendary and prolific of Detroit artists and label owners, Aaron-Carl made a name for himself not just through his own works, but also remixing many popular names like Aux 88, Underground Resistance, and DJ Bone to name a few, also founding the very successful "Wallshaker Music" imprint in 1998, along with its sister company Cherry Juice Recordings based in Amsterdam. 


Long time Electro supporter and all around music lover "Johan Sebastian Bot", also known as DVS NME, is no new item on our menu.

The Dexorcist

Born Simon Brown in Shepperton, Middlesex U.K., the world slept quietly unaware that soon enough a new force would come into being, proving to be formidable and unwavering in its drive to annihilate the unsuspecting masses in need of a rude awakening.