Metroplex Records

Metroplex is without question, the originator of Detroit Techno. Following on the footsteps of Deep Space Records, Juan Atkins' first label, it also preceded Transmat, and KMS; which were founded by the other 2 pioneers of the sound, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May.


Devine Disorder Records

Since 2009, Miami's Devine Disorder Records has had an onslaught of releases from many new artists that have become staple household Electro names, like R21, Zerodouble, Magnetic Bass Force, Rawtary, Prototype, and many more.


Last Known Trajectory

2010 brought us many great things in the world of Electro music, and one of those was a glimpse of hope that perhaps vinyl was not dead afterall, that perhaps it was beginning to make a comeback.

Underground Resistance

As the pioneers of what has been dubbed "The Second Generation of Techno", Underground Resistance has been much more than just a label; it has been a movement, a force to be reckoned with. Few imprints, or artists for that matter, ever dare to become involved in voicing their opinions about the political and spiritual state of the world; especially when it goes against the status quo.

Solar One Music

There has always been a question as to whether Extraterrestrial life exists outside of our planet or not, and if so, when will they visit or invade...what we rarely think about though, is how!

Techno Hop Records

Techno Hop Records is one of the original Electro/Hip Hop labels from the West Coast. Launched in 1984, it is the creation of one of the most legendary of the Electro and Hip Hop pioneers, Unknown DJ. With a catalog of more than 20 releases, it has been responsible for establishing artists like Cli-N-Tel, Jazzy D, King Tee, and Compton's Most Wanted.

Electronic Corporation

Probably one of the most interesting aspects in the history of Electronic Music, has been the influence that has ricocheted back and forth between Detroit and Germany.

Breakin' Records

Like Direct Beat, Breakin' Records has had a very underground and less "in your face" approach to delivering monumental releases that over time, have had a tremendous influence on Electro. Its hard not to think of them as historic. With a catalog extending past 50 releases with some of the most prominent artists of the past decade, Breakin' Records set out to do what many labels often can't: endure, outlast, and redefine a genre.