Vinyl Vs. Digital? Not Again...

I realize that you can’t please everybody. However, I’m sitting here with mixed emotions. Why, you ask? Because of this ongoing (never-ending) debate about vinyl vs. CD/MP3 distribution. Let’s make one thing clear: I love vinyl! I always have, and for some nostalgic reason, I always will. But let’s face it, shall we? Times are changing. Vinyl isn’t selling like it used to. People aren’t buying vinyl like they used to.

Galaxy Music Gathering 5: A Day In Electro Music History Is About to Occur During The Winter Conference

After multiple attempts over the past few years to book my favorite Electro producer ever since I was a teenager, I finally landed the chance! I had said last year that I would never do another event, but when an opportunity like this presented itself I ran with it.

FTRSND: Brussels Drops The Beats With The 3 Day Electronic Marathon

The idea is simple and direct: present a visit card of the current Electronic Music scene in Belgium, during a marathon of three days in the center of the capital. Underground, and in around 30 places unusual or unavoidable in the area.