Bass Bot TT-303

There are many amazing synthesizers that have come out throughout the decades, but none have become as widely popular like the Roland TB-303.

Korg littleBits

There is probably nothing more interesting than the small, but long-running and in fact growing "Do-It-Yourself" world of building your own synthesizers.

Moog Sub 37

The name Moog to any synth aficionado is a household name. Pioneering everything from the keyboard synthesizer to the Ladder Filter, and bringing you countless great machines like the MiniMoog, and PolyMoog; the Asheville, North Carolina company returns once again after 30 years of exclusive Monophonic synths, with the Sub 37!


Though not quite a new release, we here at thought we should pay respects to a little monster that in many ways inspired the revolution in hardware, most specifically Analog, leading us to where we are exciting moment in time, a convergence of sorts!



The world of Electronic music composition and programming continues to get more exciting lately, as news come in of more releases of various types of gear ranging from Semi-Modular synths, drum machines, Sound Modules; and now here we are again: this time not just with the rebirthing of old legends, but innovating upon their original ideas with Roland's recent announcement on the release of its new series called "AIRA".


Korg MS20 Mini

Easily the biggest hardware release of the last 10 years, the Korg MS 20 Mini, at 86% the size of its original counterpart, boasts all of the same components, with revisions on the oscillators which are digitally stabilized, as well as a MIDI In ( no LFO sync ) and USB sockets for full implementation into any DAW environment.