Moog System 55 Limited Re-issue

As if we hadn't had enough monumental re-issues, and brand new releases of amazing analog and digital hardware coming out in the recent years, Moog, the king of the synth, just had to come home roaring in, reminding everyone of who started it all.

Prophet 6

Dave Smith returns under his original "Sequential Circuits" brand, evolving on one of the most legendary analog synthesizers of all time: the Prophet 5! What was then one of the first polyphonic synthesizers, helping to revolutionize on what had been over a decade of nearly-exclusive Monophonic synths.

Korg SQ-1

Back in the late '70s after the birth of the infamous Korg MS-20, an inseparable sidekick would come to the aid of the beloved semi-modular synthesizer, assisting in any and all sequencing duties: The mighty SQ-10 Modular Sequencer!


Roland returns with yet another hot item from its AIRA line, showing that one of the pioneers is still alive and kicking, and with no lack of desire to continue innovating. This time we are offered what no one seems to have really thought of before, especially when dealing with a true live hardware musician: a true "performance" mixer!

ARP Odyssey

Originally released in 1972, the ARP Odyssey was the company's answer to the incredibly successful "MiniMoog", and was basically a scaled-down version of the infamous ARP 2600.

Pioneer PLX1000

Just when you thought turntables were a thing of the past, even in the midst of what professionals would find as poor versions or imitations of the one and only Technics 1200 turntable, comes what may be a formidable competitor; even to the king of the platter.

Akai Rhythm Wolf

Stepping up to the plate in the midst of this exciting Analog and hardware revolution is none other than Akai, the legendary company responsible for iconic machines such as the MPC2000, having spent some time re-inventing itself as a "Controller" company, and here once again it is original domain.

Dave Smith Pro 2

Dave Smith never seizes to amaze anyone over the years with machine after machine built with such quality and care in design.


If you are familiar with the legendary Sid chips, then you are probably aware of the unique characteristics in sound that they provide. In the early days, they were only available on old Commodore systems like the VC10 ( Ultimax ), or the C64 or C128.

Bass Station II

Novation is back, this time with yet another one of the most iconic Bass machines in synth history: The Bass Station...II! That's right boys and girls, get ready for more mean bass tones, aggressive filter sweeps, and all around warm and powerful analog synthesis that can really give you anything you are looking for; all at your fingertips.