Robertiano Filigrano - Kolossum EP

After a few mystery appearances on compilations like "Elektrodos Vol. 1 - The Compilation", as well as a few of the volumes in the "Urban Connections" series, Robertiano Filigrano began to make his debut in the Electro Bass scene with a strong sense of musicianship and an obvious passion for the deeper realms of Electro music. But to think he is a newcomer would be a mistake. Whether as an artist, DJ, or label owner, Robertiano has had his hands in the business for quite some time. Starting off in the year 2000 as an avid DJ and vinyl collector, Robertiano would go on to play at many successful events, leading to the founding of his imprint "Filigrano Recordings"; of which his Techno releases would go on to chart quite well over the years, inevitably turning many eyes in his direction.


Here, he begins to take his label in a different direction, diving headfirst into the dark abyss that is Electro Bass music, with his new "Kolossum EP"; a powerhouse of rockin' beats, and intriguing synth lines that really display the more eccentric and complex side of the artist's mind. Starting things off with "Old Fashion Blues", we are introduced to a hypnotic, yet fierce Techno Bass tune reminding me of MAS 2008's work from years back on Sci City Records. Twisted sequences, unforgiving beats, and alarming stabs take you on a suspenseful journey through the interesting soundscapes created here. Great start!


Next up we get into a slower tempo with "Firebox", a bit more subtle, yet still dark and intimidating. These songs are not easy listening by any means, they are complex, rich in their textures, with a really unique character that seems to combine old and new school in a very familiar, yet original way.


Next up we are greeted by the powerhouse that is the title track "Kolossum". This punishing beauty has it all, and will get you moving from the moment you hear it. There is a recurring sound in these tunes that show the artist has a well developed signature sound, but in no way does that mean that anything sounds the same. If anything, it is the ability to stay within a certain context while keeping everything fresh and interesting that I would say if one of the strengths that Robertiano Filigrano has to offer. 


But as we come to an end, let's cover the obvious last track with a bit of intrigue, because I hear something very beautiful, yet tormented and conveying perhaps an even deeper side to Robertiano's artistic spirit. With "Love Me", we are presented with just about the most menacing Techno Bass tune you could throw down on any dancefloor, oozing from end to end with aggressive bass notes, haunting sonic manipulations that almost sound like ghostly birds, and what I find to be most interesting....Robertiano's voice; which is actually quite beautiful I have to say.


As his deep passion, shy and almost as if slowly creeping from around a corner in innocence begins to blend into the track, some really organic melodic elements begin to weave their way along with his vocals. Super unique song, and really balanced between the brooding, and almost more for listening and connecting within, or to drive a crowd on the dancefloor with ingenuity, class, and a much more profound sense of romance; whether thwarted or on fire, than much of what is played at your typical clubs....but then again, this isn't your typical club music either!


This 12" is a must have, worth every penny, and something I am personally glad I have had the chance of listening to, as well as own it in its 12" format. Very well manufactured, and while it doesn't feature full cover art, there is a noticeable extra step being taken to deliver you something that stands out from the rest, including hand-numbered copies out of its limited 100 units release. It cant be said enough just how original Robertiano's music is, and what kind of balance he holds with true character, and a good sense of what it takes to make people move; straddling the funky and dark, as well as the emotional and more subtle and inspiring flawlessly! Get this now, and support through the artist's Bandcamp page.





Written by: Santino Fernandez

June 2016