N-Ter - Holodiction

Crobot Muzik founder N-Ter signs his debut album on Atlanta based Body Control Records. The label celebrates its twentieth release to date with a double CD, featuring on the second slice of plastic some mighty remixes from a plethora of renowned Electro producers.


Now living in London but hailing from Croatia, Bojan Jascur has spent his whole youth in Zagreb where he grew up to the Electro sounds from Detroit and Germany; there he made his first starts on imprints such as Diggarama, Twilight 76 Records, and Subsonic Device.


With about ten or so EP's, plus numerous appearances on compilations worldwide since 2006, N-Ter has made a name for himself and a solid reputation in the Electro scene. Today he offers his very first full length and it doesn't disappoint!


"Holodiction CD1" kicks things off with "Enter The Void", a dancefloor Electro Bass slaughter based upon nice distorted sounds, Detroitish vibes and robotic voices. Following this hot introduction, "Multiverse" surfaces with Sci-Fi tonalities over a sharp rhythm, while intricate bleeps a la Robodrum make their way through the track. Then comes one of my favorites, visionary "Maschinen Technology", a dark "cyborgy" affair made of gloomy yet melodic synth flights, deep layers, and sharp 808 drums. Ace!


"Sophisticated Operator" and "Virtualni Svijet (Virtual World)" bring two successful syncopated tunes propelled by solid beats and characterized by appealing vocoded lyrics over warm melodies. These jams are guaranteed to put you in a circle.


Nostalgic "The Future is Yours", another milestone of a cut, returns to a more classic Electro approach with its lazy yet emotive layers, while tense, "Life", delivers ghastly tones sounding off among a mass of tough drums and siren chants in the background. "Agram Sunrise" leads us towards the end of the album with a magnificent production to bring his sound closer to Anthony Rother's "Art Is A Technology" opus.


On CD02, Body Control has invited some of the label regular signatures to rework duty. List of artists involved into the project will make you feel dizzy: Andreas Gehm, James Wolfe, Analogous Doom, OpziO, Weakmassive, DJ Xed, DVS NME, Alavux, The Exaltics, AE35, Canvax, The Outsider, -=UHU=-, Dj Di'jital, Errorbeauty, Fleck E.S.C, and ADJ; gathered all together to shuffle their own sound and Electro vision into N-Ter's tracks! Everybody has made such an incredible job that we could consider the second CD as a whole opus by itself.


Here comes another essential outing from the inescapable Atlanta based imprint. Rush on it!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

January 2016