Record Reviews

Medooza - Per Lift Ins All

Long-time veteran of the underground Electro scene, Claire Hulla aka Medooza is no stranger to our music. After holding one of the longest-running Electro Bass broadcasts on Global Funk Radio for many years, the seasoned female DJ unleashes her first EP, full of heavy compositions, and on 12" vinyl nonetheless!

Analogue Bipolar Boy - Into Darkness EP

Swap your suit for more comfortable clothes, wear your black hoodie and put on your red Rebook baskets, 'cause you're expected on the dancefloor for some breakin' and freakin' figures!


M3taN01a - Experiment 69

With promising releases on labels such as Misión 115, or Borg Recordings over the last two years, Vuchko Neziri aka M3taN01a, has been making a name for himself on the electronic scene. Hailing from Gostivar, the Macedonian artist invests his time in the Japanese structure Anti Gravity Device run by AE35 with an interesting three track EP ranging from Electro to the more Breaks styles.


Plant43 - Grid Connection

Following his successful album "Scars Of Intransigence" in 2014, UK based electronic producer Emile Facey aka Plant43 (Ai Records, AC Records, Semantica Records, Central Processing Unit) returns to Netherlands label Shipwrec Records with a four track EP of high caliber, offering another aesthetic Electro of his own trademark.


Freddy Fresh - Comacid EP

2016 has been a busy year for Freddy Fresh, with releases on Electric Music Foundation, Analog USA and Cardboard & Computers. 2017 seems to start in the hub cap for the Minneapolis, Saint Paul artist as he's expected soon on Kobayashi structure. Today he invests in Belgium label Forced Nostalgia. Feeling the Acid sound a lot lately, the legendary Modulator offers on the "Comacid EP" a re-release of old yet still fresh bubbling Techno tracks, all analog!


Sigma Algebra - Funaphy

Released more than one month ago but still very fresh, the second EP from digital label Elektrodos Recordings; the extension of the infamous online Electro radio show and podcast, introduces four tracks from Eduardo Jiménez, better known as Sigma Algebra (Urban Connections, Amper Clap Prod, Section 27).


Nexus 23 - Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Zero One Music hits hard with its second release of 2017! The Miami Bas(s)ed label stares this month at the United Kingdom to deliver an amazing, pounding EP from Nexus 23 titled "Weapons Of Mass Distraction"; fueled with Industrial sororities in the great tradition of Will Web and Dynamix II's imprint.


Soundex Phonetic - Over & Out

Soundex Phonetic returns with his menacing, forward-thinking style of Scottish Techno Bass music, this time on US imprint Body Control Records, and his newest album "Over & Out". Comprised of 19 tracks, this conscious, yet aggressive and mysterious artist delivers another fascinating sonic ride through the complex worlds inside of his mind and soul.


Cybereign - Dangerous Mind

Cybereign is back once again, and this time with a really seriously devastating collection of Techno Bass jams that show in perfect example what the sound of Detroit's international infuence sounds like in 2017. A name making waves in the scene already after a few hits on compilations like Elektrodos The Compilation Vol. 2, Urban Connections (parts 3 & 4), as well as Dalekovod Vol.

Thinktank - Danger At 300 Fathoms E.P.

Stepback Records, new imprint based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, signs Thinktank to its first 12" vinyl adventure; this one mastered and cut by the iconic Radioactive Man, and featuring 3 cuts of synthetic dancefloor madness, including a great Electro Breaks mix. 


V/A - W/X

Vinyl they say, is making a comeback. And while it is true that for many labels that had stopped for economic reasons it is still a tough idea to consider, it is hard not to see the courageous endeavour of many young aspiring imprints getting into the game to try things out. One of these labels is the European label "Mélodies Souterraines".

Boyd Goosman - Back In The Race E.P.

Emmanuel Taron, previously a member of the iconic Noirdegout outfit, featured on famed Techno imprints like No Fear and Dave Clarke's White Noise, returns here under his new Boyd Goosman pseudonym on his equally new French imprint Aequilon Records, with a 12" output that reflects his deep passion for Detroit's eclectic take on Techno.