V/A - W/X

Vinyl they say, is making a comeback. And while it is true that for many labels that had stopped for economic reasons it is still a tough idea to consider, it is hard not to see the courageous endeavour of many young aspiring imprints getting into the game to try things out. One of these labels is the European label "Mélodies Souterraines". Already up to 3 vinyl titles since the 2016 release of this particular one we will talk about here, the label is busy gaining ground and collecting intel from many of the great veteran and aspiring artists of our scene and beyond. 


Released last September, the compilation "W/X"; a continuation in what seems like a minimal, rather quirky and alphabetic series for the imprint, starting off with "U/V",and recently added to by the release of "Y/Z", brought forth 4 artists ranging from Acid Techno to the futuristic yet melancholic Electro Funk and Bass works of long time Electro veteran Urban Jedi. 


Starting off on the A side, "Bergsonist" kicks things off with "Catharsis", which is a deranged experimental tune that lingers for a bit, as the most bizarre noises, distorted melodies, and droning atmospheres fade in and out of this psychothriller of a composition. 


Next up, BPMF introduces a very determined Acid tune that slowly but surely builds the famous 303 line into being, as if watching the birth of it in front of your eyes. "Sunyata" reminds me a bit of some of the works on Josh Wink's Sorted label, playful, yet dark and refined as skillfully tuned dancefloor songs that add a very unique psychedelic vibe to it all. 


Continuing the trend of uncanny otherworldly tracks, Ersatz Olfolks delivers "Melting Point", a shreud and unstopabble production of ferocious tones guided by stomping 4x4 beats, making for a suspenseful thrill ride into a world yet unseen. What a wild tune, mysterious, but with attitude!


My favorite tune on this EP however, comes from a man I've known since the beginning of my career. Someone who has evolved ever so gracefully over the years into quite an amazing composer and producer of soulful and forward-thinking Electro Bass music. The one and only Urban Jedi, Electro spy operative that has infiltrated the London stronghold since many years back, in order to subdue the empire forces currently located at it's very heart.


With his song "Journey To Jupiter", we are taken on a graceful flight of fancy, where profound synthwork is suddenly met by the kind of thing this journey would inevitably present: chaos! Things darken up to form an aggressive collision through the asteroid belt, where menacing bass tones, and squelchy 303s form an aggressive breakdown that eventually leads us back to the subtle yet throught provoking vibes the synths provide. Beautiful song!!! Great rhythms, and refined complexity.


Incredible release continuing this unique 12" vinyl series by imprint Mélodies Souterraines, who brings together an eclectic collection of the great many artists across the genre of Electronic Music, such as Luke Eargoggle, Le Chocolate Noir, Salo Mentale and many more. This vinyl is a must have, and really this is true for all of them so far! This is an alphabet soup of great synth works, and it will surely please your senses. Support by buying your copy through the player below!





Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

March 2017