Univac - Unknown Radio EP

Better known as the experimental and noise producer behind the "Geistform" project, Rafael M. Espinosa has also committed brilliant Electro releases under his other disguises on Bunker and New Flesh Records. As Univac, the Spanish producer serves up today the third release of promising Exoplanet Records; a sublabel of 30drop, and we must recon this is a fat one!


Kicking off the A side, the title track, modern "Unknown Radio", instantly gives the tone of a well cadenced EP tinted with Detroit influences. Staring at the dancefloor, the tune offers intriguing robotic voices, bubbling modulations and drone sequences over a solid 4/4 line, progressively bringing the listener into a swirl of bass. Such an introduction!


Coming next, back to more syncopated rhythms with "Lunik". Fusing dark synth layers and disturbing arpeggiators, the song immerses us into introspective yet unhealthy zones. One of the highlights of the EP. This cut is even remixed on the flipside by none other than Detroit legend Der Zyklus (Drexciya, Arpanet, Dopplereffekt, etc.) in a totally clinical and beat less version, turning the main theme of the original into a psychopathic mayhem! Both songs deserved to be heard IMO! Impressive.


"Null" instantly following gets straight into the action demonstrating how talented and inventive is Rafael. A mixture of sharp beats and cold melodies, the song delivers a tense atmosphere till the last notes.


Finally, energizing "Zener" supplies to the EP a magistral Techno conclusion thanks to raw hits and industrial synths. Mental and brilliant at the same time!


Rush on pre-sales of this outing with closed eyes, you won't be disappointed as Univac exactly knows how to rock you. Watch out for the forthcoming "Abstract Trail EP" from Oryx, this should be another fine 30dexo release to collect!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

July 2016