Unité November - G.T.I.

Unité November delivers with "G.T.I.", a raw, unforgiving collection of tunes on 12" vinyl and digital, honoring in concept the world of sport automechanics, and in some ways what appears to be Kraftwerk's quirky and unique approach towards the world of Electronic Music and the different aspects of modern technological society. Songs like Autobahn and Trans Europe Express come to mind with this release and the tracks you'll find here. 


Kicking things off, "Sports Mécaniques" takes us back to the late '90s Dark Electro sound. Pure, uncut, raw analog tunes, which were highly influenced by Drexciya, and at that point having lost a lot of the more cheery soulfulness from the '80s or even early '90s, growing a bit more aggressive, cold, synthetic, and rather dark in an almost Industrial manner, but more subtle; as if showing a bit of class along with its harder and sharper edges. This tune is a very authentic representation of that sound, and you could say that for all of Unité November's songs in general in some shape, way or form. You can tell this was a highly influential point for the artist. Early Kraftwerkian vibes live throughout the veins of his music that's for sure, but Detroit's mystique is also clearly audible throughout the music.


Next up we have "Velocità Eccessiva", a dark and gritty, rather eccentric tune that has a surprising turn-around as it drops into playful sequences and 4x4 beats; soothing and lush, reminding me a lot of some of the material from Computer World and Tour De France. 


Moving forward we find "Périphérique", a really cool jam with a relentless bassline that has slight retro vibes, but also lots of intrigue and flavor, as it straddles the line between staying modern and also paying homage to the roots of our sound very well. One thing that stands out about Unité November is the cleanliness of the sound production, very analog and raw yes, but very polished. Vintage, yet perfectly up-to-date. Lovely!


Now we find a song that could easily be said is my favorite on the EP, and that is "140 kilomètres/heure". This mesmerizing Techno Bass tune drops in like a paratrooper unto the stage and sets things ablaze with fierce bass tones and mysterious melodies, creating an aura here that makes for a tough, brooding Sci-Fi track that send chills down your spine. Love this one!


Lastly, "Moteurs (Motorz)" is a relentless Detroit-inspired tune, reminding me a bit of Ectomorph in some ways as frantic stabs meet a vivacious bassline, driven by subtle 808s in a slightly Synth-Pop fashion. Great tune. A nice mix of different worlds, showing the complexity of the sound commonly referred to as "Electro"; a make up of today's Electro Funk, Techno Bass, Synth Pop, and the 4x4 Electro/Techno sounds. 


Fantastic vinyl release by Unité November, an artist to look for over the coming months as more material is published. A sound eccentric in character, but also eclectic in its own way and full of energy and ingenuity. Highly recommended release, support now! 






Reviewed by: Santino Fernandez

May 2017