Umwelt - Days Of Dissent

For 20 years now he jumps from warehouses to clubs, carrying on his huge musical background condensed in his black flightcase. 20 years that he pulls his reputation of being a purist, inveterate vinyl aficionado and rough sororities lover in every city he visits. 20 years that he fights for a certain vision of Rave music: the authentic, underground, without grant one that becomes saturated to your pores, infects your mind, consumes your body and marks you forever.


Author of an essential discography on sharp Kommando 6, Killekill, Shipwrec, or Drivecom labels, we can not say that the Lyon based artist ever sacrificed to overground or easiness. At best, he sold his soul to the devil in his beginnings to become one of today's best cantors of a cabalistic, demoniac, underground and without compromise Electro/Techno sound, far more pernicious than the Illuminati's theory.


20 years that Fred Umwelt doesn't look younger but his music, precise, defined, and analogical takes no wrinkle, in particular on his fourth album. According to the lucky owner of Killekill, German Nico Deuster who celebrates with this opus the inaugural outing of his brand new subdivision Boidae, "Days Of Dissent" is "one of the best Electro albums" he ever held in his hands. And we couldn't agree more.


If the title track or melodic "World Shatters" will remind of Umwelt's early sound on Satamile ten years ago, harder pieces such as inescapable "Company Of Lies" and "Citadel Of The Chaos" instantly bring to mind his latest EP on Helena Hauff's "Return To Disorder" imprint.


The knockout comes here from sumptuous "Non Conformity", subtle "Factory Of Death", fascinating "End Of Light", and moody "Revolt", four among eight slaughters that directly propel the album to the rank of a future classic!


An outstanding DJ, involved owner of respected Rave Or Die and New Flesh structures, the French artist delivers today a magistral electronic digest covering two decades of an initiatory quest where nothing has been really pink but rather noir like the color of his music. Vital!


Artwork was done by brilliant French photograph / Lomographer Cam Linh.


Oh, and by the way, if you're around Berlin on October the 21st, come and celebrate the album release party along with Umwelt, Alienata, Moralez and many more!





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

October 2016