Transparent Sound - No Call From New York

Having disappeared for a bit off the electro radars from a while, Transparent Sound resurfaces on Electrix with a brand new release of their trademark (their fifth on Billy Nasty's imprint), even more synthetic than their latest EP, "Punk Mother Fucker", published last year on Pressure Traxx.


Making a name for themselves since 1995 on structures such as Chi Recordings, Orson Records, Solid Groove, Abstrakt Dance, Transparent Sound, Exceptional or Surreal just to name but a few, electronic veterans Orson Bramley and Martin Brown have often been associated to Scape One and the sound of Bognor, where they come from.


With "No Call From New York", the U.K. duo returns to classic Electro music tinted with US and German influences, immersing the listener into an ocean of insane acid loops over distorted sororities.


The vibrant original sees three remix treatments kicking off with Larry McCormick's version. The Monotone USA infamous mastermind and signature of many labels including Datapunk, Satamile, or Psi49net, turns the track into a progressive intellectro affair, characterized by a warm bassline plus some catchy scratches sequences and groovy beats in the background.


Finnish duo Mr Velcro Fastener (Tie Entertainment, i220, Stars-Music, Cyber Dance 017) coming next signs a melodic song based upon relaxing drums, evanescent lyrics, soulful synth layers and a little je-ne-sais quoi that opens new musical horizons to the track.


Last but not the least, Cultivated Electronics head honcho Sync 24 (Central Processing Unit, Touchin' Bass) mutes the jam into a dark slaughter, serving up a much anticipated rework enhanced by Sci-Fi effects, hypnotic drums and metallic noises.


On the digital pack, a bonus "Electro Mix" version of "No Call From New York" will offer six minuts of pure syncopated music. Enough great to justify by itself the purchase of the release! Watch out to the video version of "No Call From New York" by US Iris Beatrix, known for her awesome work on "Darkbeat: An Electro World Voyage" and "Electro Dziska" documentaries several years ago.





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2017