V/A - Transatlantic Technologies

Joint venture between two prolific labels, UK Electo Bass Agenda Recordings & US Techno Urban Kickz Recordings, better known as UKR, eclectic "Transatlantic Technologies" EP sees the celebration of the London imprint's 40th release! No need to introduce Bass Agenda Recordings, 'cause if you follow us, you might have read regular reviews about the imprint here. Although infamous, UKR sounds more mysterious to us as the Seattle, USA, label is more 4/4 oriented, having provided since 2011 material from more than 30 artists including Lester Fitzpatrick, DJ Skull, Woody Mcbride, DJ Devious, Lectromagnetique, or Alavux, just to name but a few. Combining their forces to the electronic cause, BA & UKR serve up today a compilation of four feverish tracks ranging from Electro to Techno, forged into the stoves of Hell!


With "Song of Hypes", Slaves of Sinus signs its second appearance on BA. His track opens the digital pack with a classic Electro rhythm, fascinating synth flights, robotic lyrics and an attractive 303 line. Perfect to play at 4am in order to rest and relax before a new dancefloor battle! UKR's label head Roman Zawodny keeps the pressure alive with firing "13 Warnings". Following a solid introduction characterized with Hip Hop lyrics, the song serves up a powerful rhythm based upon sharp 808 drums, while tense modulations bring you back in the jungle.


On almighty "Remnants", Roman Zawodny allies with Drum & Bass activist Slantooth to deliver a solid urban piece made of solid distortions, harsh 4/4 beats and droid voices. Dark, sexy and heading at the same. But the standout of the EP, in my opinion, comes from Utrecht based Wibo Lammerts aka w1b0. Author of successful appearances on BA and Lasergum Records, the Netherlands artist offers with progressive "Unknown Protocol", a wonderful and emotive conclusion to "Transatlantic Technologies", characterized by a solid groove and catchy synths strings.


The unexpected gathering between Bass Agenda and Urban Kickz Recordings works at full blast here and probably inaugurates a series of split releases in the near future. A wind of fresh air shuffles on the Elektronik scene with such initiatives.





Written by: Chris Nexus 6

February 2016