Vronsky - Thieves Of Time

Michael Vronsky returns! Originally conceived as the solo project of Nestor Carmona from the "Electromagnetica" family in Spain, New North Records compiles here 4 new eclectic Electro songs for the artists' debut to the label as "Vronsky"; ranging from the dark and moody, to uplifting and mystifying. Called "Thieves Of Time", this great display of the kind of talent we have witnessed evolve over the past couple of years is a beacon of something very special. With attention to detail, and a keen ear for unique and inspiring melodies, Michael Vronsky is without question somebody made for this music...a true Jedi in the making!


Starting off, "With All Due Respect" begins the digital EP with a dark, slower and mysterious jam based around gloomy atmospheres. This one immediately begins to remind one of some of the classic material from Plastikman back in the '90s; the kind of alien Techno oriented tracks that were brought in later in the night as things began to get very interesting on the dancefloor. This one is a bit hypnotic in the beginning, and later offers up some fantastic pads that add intrigue and brooding sentiment to the song. 


Next up we find perhaps my favorite on the EP, the fantastic "Half Measures". This punishing Techno Bass tune has all the bells and whistles...the droning bass drops, the Detroit inspired bassline that makes it all playful and a bit devious, while a very unique and profound melodic environment sneaks in from out of nowhere to let you into Vronsky's unique vision of the music, and just how magical it can really get  for him in the studio. Very proper tune!!!


"Terminus" continues the 4-tracker with class as alluring pads invite us into a Blade Runnerish world where the precision of the artist's growing skill adds detail with a wicked style of deranged, yet complex percussive elements and this very mysterious and intriguing soulfulness that creates a nice melancholic yet futuristic aesthetic that you will generally find throughout the artists's small, but promising discography.


Last but not least we find "Hamsterdam", a bizarre and aggresive jam to devastate the dancefloor with tenacious rhythms, keeping it very elegant but with a sinister, otherwordly atmosphere that gets quite creepy along the way...this fantastic jam really pulls you in with some powerful background layers, reverberated just the right amount to create what may be the most unique song out of the EP. 


Amazing record overall, especially considering Carmona has only been making music from the ground up for just the last 2 years or so, already having two other releases under his belt as Michael Vronsky: the remarkable "Probatio Diabolica" on Electromagnetica Records, and "Lexical Error"; which was self-released and the artists' debut to the scene back in 2013. The profound atmospheres within the artists' music, balanced with the more deranged, Sci Fi side to his approach, makes it great for the clubs and festivals, or even just for a cruise down the coastlines of Spain as you are pulled into these uniquely inspired worlds, built with such an imaginative and ingenious mind. Buy now through the label's bandcamp page, an support the growing discography of Michael Vronsky, one of the artists to look for over the coming years from the Spanish Electro scene!





Written by: Santino Fernandez

January 2016