V/A - the29nov Vol. 1

After thousands of clips, mostly Techno oriented but not only, "The29nov" films celebrates this month ten years of good and faithful devotion to Music. Launched by Sebastian Kökow and Kevin Paschold back in 2006, this collective of sought after video producers hailing from the South of Germany proudly presents the first volume of a series of 2x12" compilations gathering some of their favorite artists.


Reflective of their immoderate taste for industrial sororities, "the29nov Vol. 1" introduces no less than eight nasty tracks ranging from noisy to more straight on the dancefloor slaughters. All the cuts undoubtedly share a specific vision of electronic sound, embracing melodic simpleness underlayed with heavy beats, expanding the boundaries between Electro, Acid and Techno styles.


A side of the first piece of plastic kicks off with the end of the world sound of Headless Horseman (Headless Horseman, Brothers). Based upon percussive drums and metallic sororities, fascinating "Under The Earth" signs a tense, analogue and mental song giving the tone of what to expect next on the compilation.


3.14 (CLFT, Khemia Records) instantly following signs with "Krystal" a powerful, yet gloomy 4/4 tune enhanced by dark urban layers. Not for the faint of heart, this killer jam will put a smile on you as you reach the gates of Hell.


On the flipside, Subjected (Vault Series) offers with "Under The Unknown Age" a perfect balance between kickin' bass-lines, heading male lyrics and brainwashing distortions that will lead you to a lethal exit.


With dancefloor "Acquaintance", Charlton (TH Tar Hallow, Labrynth) keeps on in the same spirit, delivering a severe drama full of experimental and Industrial tones over some heavy beats. This intricate and brilliant banger brings us to the second 12".


Ontal (Ontal Series, Shadow Story) opens hostilities with the much advanced "The Visionary Movement". This monster of a tune, halfway between Techno and Hardcore genres, distillates incredible old school Rave sororities along with a sinister atmosphere. Ace!


"This is not Salvation, this is your Destruction" introduces I/Y's (Arkita, Fracture Label) contribution to the album and serves up a more aerial 4/4 cut enhanced by light acid modulations in the background, ideal to take a bit of fresh air or make a small break.


But the quiet before the storm will be short as Max Durante (Sonic Groove, Kynant Records) presents his relentless "Aggressive Behaviour". As its title expresses, the jam displays some merciless frequencies over rough beats and hostile rhythms. There will définitivement be no surrenders!


Last but not the least, Paul Birken (The Cast Project, TSR) offers a magistral conclusion with "Swellbow" a tune of his trademark made of heavy distortions, percussive and tribal drums and roborative tonalities, the whole propelled by crisp beats.


If you survived this annihilating yet refined compilation, then you might be up for Vol. 2 really soon. Watch this space for more information as soon as we get it!







Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

December 2016