The Dexorcist/Exzakt - The Bass Academy Vol. 3

Professor X needs to hold on tight! This month, The Bass Academy welcomes into its walls two new teachers. Succeeding to Gods Of Technology Feat. Egyptian Lover, Jamie Jupitor, Dark Vektor, and The Blotnik Brothers, U.K. Wizard The Dexorcist (Control Tower, Battle Trax) and U.S. heavyweight Exzakt (Monotone USA, Shipwrec) take control of the French label to provide their programs for high school students interested in learning about Bass Music in its purest form. An exclusive gathering to serve up an epic two tracker EP in my opinion!


After a couple of years on hiatus, Simon Brown signs his first track since his last solo appearance on Techno Pie Factory Production imprint. Half of Kronos Device along with his fellow partner in crime Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie signs on hypnotizing "Test Drive", an authentic Electro Bass piece tinted with old school tonalities and funky references. Fueled with a classic 808, the song hits hard as the first notes drop thanks to insane arpeggio programming, subsonic frequencies and infectious grooves over a dark atmosphere. The irresistible jam drives the infamous uncanny and robotic aesthetic we could expect from the Dex who didn't lose the hand!


On the flipside, Larry McCormick returns under his Electro moniker Exzakt to deliver with bewitching "Interground", a progressive nu-school Electro Breaks cut based upon deep yet sparse melodies, sharp scratches, a warm bass line, rockin' samples and solid drums. Completed with hammering beats, punchy dynamics, and craftily produced synth lines, the song guarantees to smoke your speakers in the heat of the night!


As usual, limited to 150 copies, "The Bass Academy Vol.3" signs another collectible release packed in a beautiful dark sleeve. Rush on it when it comes out as the two previous releases were sold out in a few weeks. No doubt his new chapter should get the same destiny!





Reviewed by: Chris Nexus 6

September 2017