Soundex Phonetic - Over & Out

Soundex Phonetic returns with his menacing, forward-thinking style of Scottish Techno Bass music, this time on US imprint Body Control Records, and his newest album "Over & Out". Comprised of 19 tracks, this conscious, yet aggressive and mysterious artist delivers another fascinating sonic ride through the complex worlds inside of his mind and soul.


Having gained quick notoriety after some appearances on labels like Militant Science and Transient Force, Soundex Phonetic has demonstrated time and time again not only that he is here to stay, but also that the man is on a mission, and is making no compromises to accomplish it! His music is genuine, it is unique, and while it doesn't fit the label of experimental, it isn't what I would refer to as contemporary either. It lies somewhere in between, abstract and thought provoking, in ways not often heard, always digging down into your soul with emotive elements that show the heart of this brave artist, while also showing the incredibly visionary skill he has towards sound design.


Kicking things off, "Bodach In The Murk", is signature style Soundex, fast-paced and energetic, hitting the ground running with playful yet devious vibes that get the floor moving as we are taken on the beautiful journey that follows with "Celestial Navigator"; a slower, classic jam that reminds me a bit of Decal's work on Satamile, gleaming with sultry synthwork that create such an alluring atmosphere, as the clever Electro beats do their thing. Wonderful song!


Other songs that carry the more melodic side of Soundex Phonetic are "Sosus", "This Morning", "Ayesha", and "Frogman Combat". These gems shine for all their worth and display that the typically aggressive and fierce side of the artist is merely the Yin to his Yang. Both must live in balance! Beautiful thought provoking melodies that meet with complex arrangements lift your spirit in such an ingenious and soulful way and really strike me deeply. This is the stuff I typically go for as far as listening and even when making tunes. But now let's talk about another aspect, the in-between if you will. See, life is not black nor white, it is both, and the balance itself is represented in the harmony of both extremes...that so called gray area! This is where we find a combination of Soundex Phonetic's dark side, and the more soulful and melancholic as talked about above. 


Tunes such as "Strange Faith", "Sedation Nation", "Submechanophobia", "Tazer", "Better Days", "Liberty Fields Forever", and "Swedger", offer rich, gleaming melodies, some sequenced so fast as if rockets we can barely keep up with. Listening to this music is like an intense acid trip, it tantalizes the soul with bits of emotive energies, while it challenges the mind and body to dig through the dirt that tries to bury us; a task that in itself takes endurance and the will to fight! That will is represented so clearly in the fast-paced, punishing beats that we find here, while clever sound manipulations offer a ride through very unique soundscapes as if tearing apart the mind that often holds us back. The brain is merely a computer folks, and this one is capable of computations most of us can barely understand, yet leaves us craving for more! Incredible stuff.


Now let's finish up by talking about that Yin shall we? The dark and aggressive extreme of Soundex Phonetic. Songs like "Expergefaction", "Faslane", "LUVRZ", "Motivation Nation", and "Tinto" are menacing compositions that tear worlds apart with mere intent. Little emotion lies here, this is chaos that eventually leads to order. This is where we find, as in with humans in general, where the physical ingenuity that can destroy us, can also be the catalyst and the path that takes us to a higher level. As if a demonstration of what we can do without spirit, all the while an attempt to find exactly that! Furious beats crafted with skill lead the way, as complex sequences, designed with vision create universes that seem almost in the beginning stages of their birth. Within these uncanny productions, we hear something special, a futurism expressing itself as if trying to understand itself. Knowing everything we have heard, this is Soundex Phonetic's strong foundation, that as it comes together with its whole being, brings us the fantastic, unique, and widly complex music that is his own.


Highly recommended album, available as a limited CD edition offering a free download with its purchase, but also available just in digital format for those who are fully immersed in the digital age. Body Control Records never disappoints in its quest for seeking out truly original and hard working individuals who bring us skillful and soulful music that pushes the envelope without tying itself to genres or boundaries that only serve to narrow our view of this music which keeps evolving ever so gracefully as time goes on. Support below, and check out more music by Soundex Phonetic from his previous releases by checking out his Discography link, you won't be disappointed!





Reviewed By: Santino Fernandez

March 2017